Learning Support

Learning Support

A revised model for allocating special education needs resources to schools was implemented in September 2017 as per circular 0014/2017 from the Department of Education and Skills (DES).  This document and the school’s Whole School Inclusion Policy form the basis for support for students with special educational needs within Loreto College.

Loreto College has been granted a specific number of additional teaching support hours per week to cater for all students with an identified special educational need. Students with the greatest need will have access to the greatest level of support.  Support will be based on the identification of an additional need which can include academic, social and emotional, physical, sensory or language and communications difficulties.  This support may be on a one to one basis, in a small group or within the classroom setting.

Loreto College currently allocates funding from its own resources to provide support to address the needs of those students who do not meet the DES criteria for resource teaching support.   Such students are supported by the Learning Support Department, the Pastoral team and the classroom teachers who have responsibility for that student.

The Learning Support Co-Ordinator is responsible for making application for Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Examinations (RACE) for qualifying candidates.

Any queries regarding Learning Support/SEN may be sent to info@loretothegreen.ie