House System

House System

At loreto college st. stephen’s green we have a house system which reflects the fact that classes are grouped as b, g, m and t.

The House names are:


Hardworking, a great sense of community. A good communicator.


Graceful and agile with a great sense of awareness. An ability to manoeuvre.


Vibrant with a keen sense of colour. Values freedom and has the gift to inspire.


Nimble and active. Comfortable in groups with a great sense of loyalty.

House points can be won and lost across the full range of academic and extra-curricular activities.

Current House Points:

  Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May Total Points
Bees 20 85 155 315 330 625 737
Gazelles 35 70 165 260 350 695 895
Macaws 40 50 120 300 380 915 1024
Tamarins 45 80 250 345 360 970 1096