Student Leadership

Student Leadership

In 2003 as a result of a series of questionnaires carried out with students, staff and parents a number of developmental priorities were chosen as needing immediate attention. The student body was anxious to have a Student Council as were many of the staff in order that the students would experience a greater sense of empowerment.

Mindful also of our obligations under the Education Act, a process of consultation with senior students and staff took place in order to arrive at a satisfactory Student Council Constitution where the aims and raison d’etre of the Council were clearly spelled out. The Student Council Constitution now in place had the approval of students, staff and Board of Management.

Elections for the first Student Council took place in October 2004 and resulted in the election of a representative from each class in the school, leading to a 24 member Council. Students have permission to canvass the week before the election and the sense of excitement created around the school is palpable. Voting takes place by secret ballot and candidates are elected by simple majority vote.

The Role of The Council

Council members take their duties seriously and requests from the Council to school authorities have generally been very well received. The Council each year focuses attention on raising items of concern to specific year groups as well as on events in “Spirit Week” – a special week of activities to raise morale and general pride and enjoyment in being part of this school.

Members of the Student Council endeavour to improve where possible the school and the daily lives of the students in a spirit of co-operative partnership.

The Student Council for 2018/2019

  • Chairperson –                       Áine Kennedy
  • Deputy Chairperson –      Sarah Coase
  • Secretary –                            Eve Fitzgerald
  • Assistant Secretary –      Alex Phelan
  • Treasurer –                            Katelynn Murray Whelan
  • P.R Coordinator –               Ella Love and Ella Buckley
  • Liaison Teacher –               Mr. J. Bain

The Class Representatives for 2018/2019

1st Year

  • Honor Lynch 1B
  • Nessa McKibben 1G
  • Hannah Kate Donnelly 1M
  • Caroline Danaher 1T

2nd Year

  • Victoria Piekarska-Daly 2B
  • Sofia Keating McCabe  2G
  • Elizabeth Hickey 2M
  • Eva Humphreys 2T

3rd Year

  • Amelia Campbell-Foley 3B
  • Ella Buckley 3G
  • Lucy Cronnelly 3M
  • Ella Love 3T

4th Year

  • Aisling Cleere 4B
  • Katie McKernan 4G
  • Ella Lynch 4M
  • Natasha Hemeryck 4T

5th Year

  • Sophie Keenann 5B
  • Alex Phelan 5G
  • Sarah Coase 5M
  • Carrie Coughlin 5T

6th Year

  • Hannah Burgess 5B
  • Katelynn Murray Whelan 5G
  • Áine Kennedy 5M
  • Eve Fitzgerald 5T