Student Council

Student Council

The aims of The Student Council are to:

  • Encourage students to act in a democratic manner by giving responsibility and empowerment to the student body as a whole, with regard to the running of the school.
  • Foster a spirit of co-operation and community in the school as a whole.
  • Provide a forum for students to voice concerns, discuss interests and make suggestions with a view to improving the school community.
  • Give students the opportunity to make recommendations in connection with the running of the school.
  • Liaise with the student body, the Staff, Management and Parents’ Association where appropriate.
  • Provide a forum for improved communication between students themselves, to achieve greater unity by addressing problems and celebrating achievements together.

Student Council Constitution

Student Council 2023-24

Moya McCarthy (1B)
Elizabeth McGovern (1T)
Ellen Fitzgerald (2T)      (Jnr. Social Media Coordinator)
Katie Zheng (2T)
Alexa Baurer (3T)
Amy Whelan (3M)
Molly McMahon (4B)    (Public Relations Officer)
Amelia O’Donnell (4B)
Anna Tsalkitzis (5B)     (Secretary)
Eva Callan (6M)              (Snr. Social Media Coordinator)
Carrie Savage (6B)       (Chairperson)
Beth Lynam (6T)            (Vice Chairperson)