Parents’ Association

Parents’ Association


Chairperson’s Welcome

All parents and guardians of students in Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green are deemed to be members of our Association and we extend a very warm welcome to all who play a key role in the life of the community in the school. We encourage your involvement and welcome volunteers from the parent body to help in the many events which take place during the year.

The Executive Committee of the Parents’ Association is comprised of one representative from each class in the school who are elected for a two year term (24 members).  The Principal and parent elected members of the Board of Management of the School are ex-officio members of the Association.  The Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss issues, plan events and to hear an update from the School Principal, the Treasurer and the Board of Management in relation to events in the School.

The Principal’s report to the Parents’ Association is posted on this website after each meeting to allow parents and guardians receive information on the many events in our busy School.

The AGM of the Parents’ Association takes place early in the school year and is followed by a talk on a subject that is of interest to parents and guardians. You will be notified of all vacancies on the Executive Committee when you receive notice of that meeting.

The remit and objectives of the Parents’ Association are described in our Constitution which is available on this website.

The Parents’ Association runs a variety of activities including:

  1. First Year Parents’ welcome coffee morning. This event takes place when first year students attend on the first day of their journey through Loreto on the Green and enables parents and guardians of first year students to have an opportunity to meet each other and learn more about daily life in the School.
  2. Debs Reception: Our final event of the year is hosting a reception for the recently graduated sixth year students, their escorts and most importantly their proud parents and guardians.  This is also an opportunity for the students to record their night with a professional photographer in attendance and is the last event to be recorded on the sixth years’ “Memories” footage of their time in school which is developed and funded by the PA with contributions being forwarded from the sixth-year students as well as the wider school community.
  3. The Parents’ Association also run social nights for the different year groups to facilitate and enable parents and guardians to meet up during the course of the year in an informal setting.
  4. Careers Night – is to be held this year on November 26th and is an annual event for fourth and fifth years (optional for sixth years) where a variety of past pupils, parents and other contacts in a wide range of careers make themselves available to talk to the students about their chosen career, their path into it and give a sense of the day to day life in their chosen career.  We very much appreciate the input of the wider parent /guardians and the past pupil community in making this event so useful to the students.
  5. In 2020 we plan to continue the Parents’ Lunch which had a very successful inauguration in April 2018, resulting in €20k fundraised for the Loreto Mission in Rumbek, South Sudan. The Lunch is a great opportunity to relax and catch up with friends.
  6. Graduation Mass – one of our favourite Parents’ Association events of the year!  Following their Graduation Mass, the sixth years and their parents and guardians join us for a celebratory event in the School to mark the end of their time in Loreto on the Green.

The Parents’ Association also organises a variety of other events such as talks on topics of interest to parents and a family seaside walk.   We also assist at the School on Sports Day, so all in all there are a variety of events to get involved in over the year.

Our communication channels are:

  1. Flexibuzz
  2. Class Reps on the Executive Committee will be in touch directly with their class by email to let you know about upcoming events.  Any queries or issues you may wish to raise with the Parents’ Association should be raised directly with your Class Rep.  Note that any queries in relation to school policies or complaints should be raised directly with the Principal.
  3. Greenscene Magazine – a twice yearly publication to share the parents’ perspective and keep parents informed of topics of interest.  Please let us know if you wish to contribute an article to the next edition of Greenscene.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Class Rep or me directly if you have any queries in relation to the Parents Association and enjoy your time as a parent/guardian of a student of Loreto College, St. Stephens Green.

With very best wishes

Mary Clarke
Chairperson (2019/2020)