Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

The loreto principles of truth, justice, freedom, sincerity and joy underpin teaching and learning in “the green”.

Welcome to the Loreto College St. Stephen’s Green website.  The school was founded in 1833 in the tradition of Mary Ward (1585-1645). The Loreto principles of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Sincerity and Joy underpin teaching and learning in “the Green”.  All our endeavours are centred in God, rooted in Christ and based on Gospel values. The education offered in the school is holistic with an emphasis on academia, extra-curricular activities and social justice.  A keen sense of community and collaborative teaching and learning is fostered by everyone. Each student is recognised and celebrated for her unique talents and gifts.  Mary Ward encouraged us to “Do good and do it well”.

By exploring our website you will witness the wonderful achievements of the students and their teachers. You will discover the joy experienced by our students in learning, in leadership, in sport, music, art and other extra-curricular activities. You will see how our students bear witness to the Loreto principles and become “seekers of Truth and doers of Justice”.

Please feel free to contact the school should you seek further information.

Jackie Dempsey