A Word from the Principal

A Word from the Principal

At Loreto College St Stephen’s Green we take very seriously the aspirations of the Education Act to make parents a valued partner in the educational journey of their child.

Fostering Communication

Each class group within the school has a representative on a very active Parents’ Association. To foster good communications the meetings of the Parents’ Association are attended by the Principal or Deputy Principal. A reporting back system ensures that parent views are brought to the Board of Management table by the parent representatives and likewise that matters of relevance to parents are conveyed promptly to the committee of the Parents’ Association.

Active Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in school life. There are regular social evenings as well as Information nights on a range of topics. Parents are welcome to keep abreast of their daughter’s progress by contacting her Year Head or in times of concern any member of the Care Team – Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain, Year Head, Principal or Deputy Principal.

Appointments can be made through Reception or by using the Student Journal.

Jackie Dempsey, Principal