The Swap Shop

The Green Committee has arranged a swap shop for Thursday and Friday the 26/27th of January at lunchtime. It will take place outside the assembly hall. On Thursday only people with tokens are allowed to exchange clothes. On Friday if there are any clothes left over from Thursday, exchanges can also be made. 

Our aim is to reduce the amount of clothes being thrown away, especially after Christmas. This is good for the environment and for your wardrobe!

We are asking you to bring in old clothes that you don’t wear anymore and old items of uniform. Please make sure that they are clean and still in good condition.

You will get one token per item of clothing that you bring in. One token = one piece of clothing.

Collection of clothes will take place in the morning on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th from 8.15am. The collection boxes can be found outside the assembly with the assistance of the Green Committee members.

 Don’t forget to donate!