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Greetings from South Sudan

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year, at least it is still for us, we have re-opened school for our 13th year.  The girls are delighted to be back in school after their six weeks holidays.  Sadly for many it hasn’t been a easy time as they saw their families suffering and struggles.

School Magazine

This month we decided to share with our our first school magazine. This is a first for our students and we are very proud of their work.  Great credit to the editorial team and the staff involved.  As regards the peace process our eyes are all on the 22nd February. We pray that all parties can come together to join in the new Unity Government.

Thanks for your ongoing support and prayers,
From all of us in Loreto Rumbek.

Please click the link below to view our new School Magazine

Loreto Rumbek School Magazine Feb 20

Thank You

A special thank you to all of the donors, advocates, and supporters of the Loreto Programs in Rumbek. Without your hard work or support none of this would be possible.

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