Photography Workshop

On Friday, November 23rd we started our Photography Workshop with Tim Durham. He showed us pictures he had taken from his travels around the world. He also showed us different close ups of photos and we tried to guess what they were. We learned a lot about the different types of lighting and perspective when taking photos. In the afternoon it was time for us to take photos around town of things that are interesting to us. Some people took pictures of statues, people, nature and others went into shops. It was really interesting to see how much there is to photograph in Dublin City.

On Monday we looked at more pictures Tim took and the different ways they were taken whether that was horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Also we learned how to use long exposures to take photos of things moving which was made us look like ghosts, almost! At the end of the workshop we got to see everyone’s photos that they took and we picked our favourites. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and learned so much from it.

By Hannah Hale & Éibhinn Linehan 4G