Bundoran PE Trip for 4M and 4T

On Monday September 2nd the 4M and 4T classes accompanied by Ms.Bradbury, Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Vavasseur set out on our trip to Bundoran. We boarded the bus at 9:00am and arrived at the adventure centre 3 hours later. After a brief introduction to rules and schedules we were assigned our rooms and rushed to lunch as everyone was starved. Following lunch, cliff jumping was the first activity. The object of the activity was to jump off a diving board into the sea and swim back. Later that day we enjoyed our second activity which was nightline. It involved doing an obstacle course blindfolded guided by a rope.

A busy day followed, starting with an early breakfast and straight into an adventure challenge. Team building exercises and puzzles followed, finishing with another obstacle course. The next activity was surfing, challenging but very enjoyable. We all worked up an appetite for dinner. In the evening we did rock climbing and abseiling, scary but fun activities. The next morning we were set the challenge of constructing and using a raft.

Altogether it was a busy but enjoyable trip which gave us the opportunity to become friendly with a wide group of girls in our year. The trip was from the 2nd to the 4th September and it would not have been possible without Ms. Bradbury, Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Vavasseur who gave up their free time to come with us.

Jenny Lambe 4M
Isobel Lynch 4T