• Feature Introduction

    Fáilte romhat chuig suíomh idirlín Choláiste Loreto, Faiche Stiabhna. Tugann muintir na scoile seo tús áite don Ghaeilge.

    Loreto College St. Stephen’s Green, established in 1833, is an all girls secondary school at the heart of Dublin City. We are proud to be part of a worldwide network of Loreto schools with a philosophy informed by the five principles of Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Truth & Joy.

  • Freedom

    Freedom allows us, as a school community, to make mistakes, to reflect on them and to grow.

    As learners in the school of life, our students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their decisions and to act out of “love not fear” (Mary Ward)

  • Justice

    Justice – as an aspiration and a daily reality – involves recognizing the dignity of each individual and becoming aware of the rights and responsibilities of all.

    Students are encouraged to be "seekers of truth and doers of justice" (Mary Ward).

  • Sincerity

    Sincerity in relationships was part of the Mary Ward’s personal integrity. Her ideal was that “we should be such as we appear and appear such as we are”.

    Everyone at Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green shares the responsibility of knowing, accepting and respecting each student as an individual.

  • Truth

    Truth was synonymous with integrity to Mary Ward, particularly the profound truth of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives.

    Students are encouraged
    “to do ordinary things well".

  • Joy

    Joy is an attitude of mind, a disposition of the heart, which manifests itself in cheerfulness, optimism, courtesy, positive thinking, inner peace and self-acceptance.

    At Loreto ‘the Green’ a happy, stable learning environment allows a sense of joy to flourish.


September Events

  • Lourdes Oblate PilgrimageSeptember 19
  • Lourdes Oblate PilgrimageSeptember 20
  • Lourdes Oblate PilgrimageSeptember 21
  • Lourdes Oblate PilgrimageSeptember 22
  • Teacher MeetingSeptember 22
  • School Mass, Clarendon StreetSeptember 23
  • Parents’ Association AGMSeptember 29

October Events

  • Parent/Guardian and daughter/student walk - organised by the Parent s’ AssociationOctober 4
  • Folk MassOctober 4
  • Pre Debs ReceptionOctober 7
  • Teacher MeetingOctober 8
  • 6th Year Retreats 6B/G Lough DergOctober 10
  • Work Experience 4th YearOctober 13
  • Work Experience 4th YearOctober 14
  • Parent Teacher MeetingOctober 14
  • Parents’ Association meetingOctober 14
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 15
  • 3rd Year RetreatsOctober 16
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 16
  • 6th Year Retreats 6M/T Lough DergOctober 17
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 17
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 20
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 21
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 22
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 23
  • Kolkata Immersion ExperienceOctober 24
  • Work Experience 4th YearsOctober 24
  • Mid-term breakOctober 27
  • Mid-term breakOctober 28
  • Mid-term breakOctober 29
  • Mid-term breakOctober 30
  • Mid-term breakOctober 31

November Events

  • Schools Re-opensNovember 3
  • 5th Year Retreat 5B/5GNovember 4
  • 6th Year Geography InvestigationNovember 6
  • 5th Year Retreat 5M/5TNovember 6
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