Ballyknocken Cookery School

Ballyknocken Cookery School by Cara McGee


On the 24th of January, 4B and 4G went to Ballyknocken Cookery School. Ballyknocken is a farmhouse and cookery school run by Catherine Fulvio and her amazing team. When we arrived we were immediately put to work making our lunch. On the menu was tomato and mozzarella bruschetta, homemade egg pasta with a tomato and ricotta sauce served with a green salad with a honey lemon dressing.


Catherine made us a delicious Italian apple cake with cinnamon apple sauce and vanilla whipped cream. We all began by making our pasta dough. This was a totally new experience for all of us. We really enjoyed learning the process of making fresh pasta. Then we were split into two groups. Half of us made the sauce and the other half made the bruschetta. When the bruschetta was cooked, we had a quick snack before we were shown the herb garden. We then rolled, cut and shaped the pasta into little bows or farfalle. The pasta was quickly cooked and then served up. The pasta was flavorful and the apple cake was scrumptious.


We were so proud of what we had made. Everyone really loved the whole experience!