Achill TY Trip 2022

We started off this year with a trip to Achill Adventure Centre in Mayo, where we did a number of thrilling and fun land and water activities, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We did coasteering which included climbing and swimming from the rocks. This pushed many of us out of our comfort zones but provided us with a great sense of achievement afterwards.

 We also did canoeing and stand up paddle boarding in the nearby lake, where we paddled across and we jumped off the banks on the other side, which was great fun for all involved.  In the evenings we had the chance to relax and unwind by playing cards, walks along the beach, scavenger hunt, talent show and a sing along which was the highlight of our trip, in our opinion! On our final day the weather wasn’t as great so we did our land activities indoors which included archery, rock climbing and team building challenges.  From the moment we got there we were welcomed by the lovely Achill staff and there was never a doubt in our minds of our safety in and out of the water with them around. We were also accompanied by Ms. Crinion, Ms. Smith, Ms. Davis, Ms. O’Reilly and Ms. Kelly.  It was a great way to get to know the new people in our classes and provided us with an opportunity to speak with people we may have never met before.  A huge thank you to Ms. Crinion for organising this fantastic trip, as it wouldn’t have been possible without her. 

Tori Cuddy and Louisa Fullen ( 4M)