1st Year Induction 2022

During our First Year Induction we did lots of fun activities and sports with Ms. Crinion,  Sarah and Meagan. We played rounders, basketball, benchball, soccer, badminton and Uni- hoc. We also did some dancing with the 6th years.

On the second day we got into our class groups and made the letters B,G,M & T to represent the school Houses. Doing these activities helped us to get to know each other and make new friends. As part of the Induction week, we were also given our iPads and had multiple sessions on how to use them with Ms.Fusciardi. We got our lockers and met our new Year Head Ms. Barrett, the Chaplain Ms.Curtis, the Guidance Counsellor,  Mr.O’Mahony and the Librarian Ms.Ivory. They were extremely helpful and guided us through what First Year is all about. We were also introduced to our 6th year buddies. The teachers and our buddies were all so welcoming and we are all very grateful for their kindness to us.

The Induction gave us a great feel for the school and has really helped us with our first week of classes. My favourite part of the Induction was getting to meet new people and learn new sports. 

Aoibhinn Lally  (1M)