BT Young Scientist 2022 Qualification

Congratulations to the following students on their qualification for the BT Young Scientist Competition which is being held virtually this year:

Hope Gallagher, Zihan He and Holly Loughnane – 2nd Year – The Impact of Gender and Age on Handwriting and Perception

Cate McMahon, Anna Brereton and Jessica Morrin – 2nd Year – Tackling the Jellyfish Crisis

Chloe Kelleher – 2nd Year – Is Grey Water the Answer to the Worldwide Shortage of Safe Drinking Water?

Faye Cunningham and Erin Sharp – 2nd Year – Minority Representation in Children’s Television

Heidi Donoghue and Alice McVey – 2nd Year – Are there benefits from reading a book compared to listening to audio books for primary school children?

Honor Lynch, Aoife Lynn & Juliette Kelleher – 4th Year – Is human Spit the Answer to our Plastic Problem?

Amelia Trenaman – 4th Year – If we taught Health Education differently, would it promote positive eating habits and body image?

We are very proud of all seven groups and have no doubt that they will do an amazing job in representing the school.

Thanks to their fantastic science teachers Ms. Tobin,  Ms. Kinkaid and Mr. Hayes for all their help and support.