October ’19 House Event – Fancy Dress

On Friday 25th October we had our October House Event which was a Halloween fancy dress.  Each year was given a fancy dress theme.  The 1st years were Disney characters, the 2nd years were animals, the 3rd years were VSCO girls, the 5th years were power couples and the 6th years were mad scientists.  It was a great event and the House Committee loved judging all the outfits.   It put us all in great spirits for the Halloween break.

The Winners were:

Sadhbh 1M as “Maleficient”

Desiree 2M for best “sustainability outfit”

Carenza 3G for best “ Vsco Girl”

Naomi 3M for best face paint

Katie 5M and Ella 5B for Siamese Twins

Maud and Ella as a CUS and Loreto Student


Anna Ryan 6B and the House Committee