Transition Year PE Adventure Trips August ’19

Trip to Uisce

On the 26th of August, the Transition Year students of Loreto College, St. Stephens Green, went on a TY P.E adventure & team bonding trip.  4M and 4T went to Uisce Adventure Centre in Belmullet, County Mayo while 4B and 4G went to Achill Adventure Centre on Achill Island, County Mayo.  We travelled down by bus which took approximately 4 ½ hours. The area surrounding the centre was breathtaking and the ocean was just spectacular.  Throughout the trip, we took part in various water sport activities such as kayaking, bodyboarding, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. I really enjoyed all of these activities even though the water was a little chilly!  It was great to get away from the busy city and into new surroundings.  My favourite water sport activity by far was surfing as I found it both challenging and exhilarating at the same time.  As well as water activities, land activities also took place. This included archery and team bonding exercises.  These took a lot of teamwork, co-operation and communication skills. On the last night, the staff hosted a ceilí. They taught us some traditional Irish ceilí dances. Everyone involved had such a fun time and was laughing uncontrollably from start to finish.  Overall, I tremendously enjoyed my trip and made lots of memorable memories.  I became closer with my peers and believe it was a great beginning to Transition Year. Thank you to Ms. Crinion for organising this great trip and to Ms. Zauers and Ms. Enright for accompanying us. We really appreciated it.  I look forward to the many other things the year has to offer!

Allanah Galvin (4T)

Trip to Achill

4B and 4G went on our 4th year trip to Achill Outdoor Adventure Centre on the 26th of August for 3 days and 2 nights.  

Our first activity was originally a hill walk but, as it was raining very heavily, our instructor brought us for a bus tour around Achill.  He showed us the beautiful beaches and historic sites. The next day, my group did two water activities.  In the morning we did canoeing on the lake and jumped into the river.  After lunch we went surfing.  The waves were huge which made it really fun.   Our final activity was coasteering or cliff jumping.  We started off by climbing along the coastline and then jumping and swimming in the sea.  It was exhilarating and terrifying because some of the jumps were very high into stormy seas.  Overall it was a really fun trip with amazing adventure activities and it was the perfect start to fourth year.  Thank you to Ms. Crinion for organising this great trip and to Ms. O’Reilly, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Martin for accompanying us. We really appreciated it.  

Ana Byrne (4G)