Summary of Parents Association Minutes September 13 2016


-Pastoral/Religious: School years opening mass was held on 21st September for all the years. A few of the 6th year girls went on a Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes to help the pilgrims. The entire 6th year classes will go on an overnight retreat to Lough Derg in the coming weeks.

-Academics: Congratulations to all the former 6th years students on their great leaving cert results. The PA are busy planning for a memorable pre-Debs reception in the school. The current 6th years will attend higher options in the RDS. Ipads are in place for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. Ms. Barrett is the year head for the 1st years who are reported to be settling in very well. We are eagerly awaiting the JC results.

-New Staff: Welcome to the new staff – Ms Aisling Murray – Geography, Ms Ciara Beatty- Spanish and French, Mr Mark Gleeson – Irish, Ms Inara Zaeurs –Irish and Home Economics, Mr Sean Wogan – Business and Cultural Activities. New classroom assistant appointed – Ms Sarah Mc Andrew – 1st years. New part time chaplain appointed – Ms Stephenie Curtis. Temporary librarian appointed – Ms Michelle Davis

-Sports News: There are so many clubs and lunchtime activities started and the 1st years are busy deciding which ones they would like to become involved with. All activities and schedules can be found on the Loreto web page.

-Other News: There are plans to get a second water fountain for the lunch room.

-Speakers: We have a guest speaker (dietician) invited to give a talk at the AGM on how to ensure our daughters are eating a healthy diet to support their busy school lives. The PA will be looking for new members to come on board and join their team.