World Youth Day in Krakow!

This summer I was fortunate enough to attend World Youth Day in Kraków, Poland, the home country of Pope John Paul II.  I went with classmate Anna Sanders.
World Youth Day is a Catholic religious event held for young people every three years in a different country.
I was one of the three hundred pilgrims that went with the Archdiocese of  Dublin for our week long pilgrimage.
Over the week we gathered together for catechesis and prayer. The main masses were held in the Blonia Park where Pope Francis said the masses.
At these masses with the Pope and 2 million pilgrims from around the world, we were told to leave a mark on our lives, on history and a mark on many other's lives as well.

Overall the experience was amazing. It was very mentally, physically and emotionally tiring and draining. We powered through a 7 hour walk in the scorching weather and we arrived back to Dublin airport very proud of ourselves.

Bring on Panama 2019!