Maths Week

Maths Week on the Green was a huge success. Each morning the girls were greeted with a new 'Puzzle of the Day'. There were 3 puzzles each day of varying degrees of difficulty. We had a huge number of correct answers each day.

The daily winners were:

Throughout the course of the week the First Year girls competed in a Maths Eye Poster Competition.  Many believe that the real world mathematics they can do in life and work is just 'common sense' and that the real world mathematics they can't do is mathematics.  With maths eyes people see that the mathematics they do everyday becoming real and meaningful.  This Maths Eyes winners on the Green this week were:

To finish up on Friday we held a 'Pi Day'.  'Pi Day' involved the girls baking a maths themed cake.  The creativity on display was fantastic.  The girls really embraced the task and the judges found it exceptionally difficult to chose the winners.  After much deliberation the winners chosen were:

All the cakes were then sold at a lunchtime bake sale, with the proceeds going towards the Loreto Schools in Kolkata.