Gymnastics Trip to Ballina

On Saturday the 25th January 2014  the Gym Club made their annual trip to Ballina to compete in a friendly competition against Skerries Gym Club and Nadia Gym Club.

On Saturday morning it was a bright and early start for everyone. The girls gathered at Heuston Station in their school tracksuits for their first experience to Ballina. When the time came to board the train the excitement was amazing.  Our journey was just beginning and we all had great fun on the train.

Once we arrived to Ballina, we all collected our cases and started walking in the wind and rain all the way to the cinema. Nobody noticed the weather as everyone was too distracted with what was ahead. After the cinema the girls were so excited as they got ready to go for a lovely swim in the hotel swimming pool.  After their refreshing swim they headed straight to Nadia Gym Club for their training session and competition. The facilities at the gym were really fantastic.

Once the competition began, the girls were so focused and the facilities made it even better for them to compete. They performed excellently.  We attended Mass later that evening.  It was a long day and we all truly deserved a lovely meal and a  good night’s sleep.

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and headed back to the gym. The girls were so excited to be back in the Nadia Gym Club to do their last routines.  Each of them came home with a medal. A special congratulations was given to Hannah Flood who competed extremely well and was awarded a lovely trophy that was very well deserved.

It was now time to head back to Dublin. For me it was such a pleasure to be part of this wonderful experience.  The gymnasts were so well behaved and they did Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green proud.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who accompanied us for the weekend especially Ms. Cunningham, Ms. Crinion and Ms. Vavasseur