Whole School Evaluation - Management, Leadership and Learning

The publication of the WSE/MLL inspection report was warmly received by the whole school community.  One of the key findings, “The promotion and facilitation of the student voice, student participation and student leadership is highly developed”, recognises the centrality of the student in our school.   It was also noted that “Students are viewed and see themselves as partners and stakeholders.” Further in the report the inspectors observe that “Students knew and could explain the holistic nature of the education they were experiencing, and cited a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities of a sporting, musical, artistic and social nature available to them”.  This is high praise indeed and affirmation for all the teachers, coaches and other staff members who work so hard to ensure that our students graduate from Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green with the essential skills and values that will enhance not only their own lives but the lives of all those with whom they come in contact.

The teachers here work tirelessly to ensure that their students benefit from new teaching methodologies and their own professional development. “There is a commendably high level of engagement of staff in a range of CPD areas, and a commitment to sharing expertise, most notably in relation to eLearning, and through peer observation. Lesson observations showed a direct link between the professional development of teachers and enhanced classroom practice and engagement of students.”  This highlights the excellent culture of collaboration and collegiality among subject department members but also across subject departments.  The inspectors commented that “the students showed an exemplary attitude to their own learning. While they approached their work seriously a level of enjoyment was evident”.   The inspectors also commented on the “extent to which the eLearning initiative has been embedded as a tool to support student learning”.

Student wellbeing and pastoral care is a core value of a Loreto school and the inspectors recognised this, “There are highly effective support structures in place to provide for students’ wellbeing, learning and individual educational needs”. The statement that a “striking level of awareness of the centrality of the chaplaincy service amongst students and the pro-active approach among staff to supporting and enhancing student well–being” is noteworthy. The chaplains, the guidance counsellor, the Year Head team, the senior leadership team, the teachers, the staff all work together in a “highly co-ordinated approach” to deliver a “personal, educational and vocational guidance to students”.

The school community is very proud of the inspection report. We are reflective practitioners and are constantly striving to enhance and improve the school for the benefit of the students. I would like to thank the Board of Management, the deputy principal,  the middle leadership team, the teachers, the staff, parents and most importantly the students for creating such a wonderful teaching and learning environment.

Whole School Evaluation - Management, Leadership and Learning
Ms Jackie Dempsey