SimSimi App - Important Information

Below is an important information message from Wriggle (iPad partner) about the SimSimi app, recently soaring in popularity.

In addition to the measures taken by Wriggle, we can confirm that the school eLearning Director has been in contact with all students and staff reminding them of the 'iPad Acceptable Use Guidelines'.


Recently there has been coverage in the press about a new app called SimSimi. This is an anonymous chat app, that we feel is inappropriate for use on student's devices.

We can confirm that this cannot be used on any iPad associated with Wriggle assuming our management profile is installed on the device.

The App SimSimi is rated as over 17's on the App Store. Once the student's iPad has the Meraki or Zuludesk management profile installed, the app cannot be used on the iPad.

As a precaution we are adding this to the Meraki banned app list and Blacklisting the app on all 2016 iPads purchased from us.

Wriggle is committed to ensuring that your digital learning environment is safe, engaging and effective. We will continue to monitor for new apps and respond accordingly as new apps are released.

If you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Wriggle Team.

Kind regards,
The Wriggle Team