Mary Ward Week 22nd - 26th January 2018

  • Mary Ward Week 22nd - 26th January 2018

Mary Ward Week
22nd-26th of January 2018

The sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, popularly known as Loreto have as their founder Mary Ward.  In a male dominated society and church, she believed that women in time to come would do much.  She established foundations in six European countries but what she desired at the time was considered ‘outrageous’ and her houses were suppressed.
While Mary Ward died with few followers, she did inspire these to remain loyal to the church.  Her spirituality is centred on Jesus and in the Gospel values.  She attempted to initiate an apostolic way of life and active ministry based on the spirituality and constitutions of St. Ignatius.  From the 22nd to the 26th of January we are celebrating Mary Ward Week. 

Mary Ward Prayer
Lord, you helped Mary Ward
To find her way.
You always gave her the strength
To do the right thing.
We ask you to now guide us
Along our way.
And give us the strength
To be who we want to be.
May all the saints of Heaven
Guide us on our way
And send your angels to
Protect us day by day.