Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016 by Anna Sanders & Kate Murray

As part of the Craft module in Transition Year, a number of students were given the opportunity to submit an entry to the Junk Kouture recycled fashion competition run by Bank of Ireland. We began by brainstorming ideas before deciding on the final design to work from. Over the following weeks, we gathered our recycled materials and began to bring these designs to life. From October until December, we worked tirelessly  having to stay behind in the Art Room at lunch times and both before and after school  trying to have our creations completed before the deadline. In addition to this, we had to research similar ideas to see if they would be of use to us, and gathered these images in a scrapbook so that we could refer to them.

Finally, the time had come to submit our designs, and Ms. Fynes organised a photo shoot for each of the models a week beforehand. The photos taken would be uploaded onto our own Junk Kouture account for the judges to see. Along with this element of the judging process, we had to write a short description of our outfit and what it was made from. We had to then select a short mp3 clip that would be played on stage for our performance in the event that we were chosen for the Eastern Semi Final. After extremely hard work, we completed our entries and waited in anticipation for an email to say whether we had gone through to the next stage.

Two weeks later, the news had arrived. We knew that not everyone would be selected, and there was some disappointment. However, four entries from our school had gone through to the Semi Final! They were ‘Nóinín’ by Anna Sanders and Kate Murray, ‘Diaphanous’ by Amber Mc Cann, Claire Whelan and Orla Sherlock, ‘Electric Ombre’ by Kate De Búrca, Julia Chartienitz and Andrea McEniff and ‘Angelic Ammunition’ by Oonagh Fleming, Ava Smith and Lucy Creedon. We were thrilled to have so many participating from Loreto on the Green, and quickly resumed working on our outfits to prepare the finishing touches for the catwalk. A past pupil of the school also came in to help us create a routine to perform on the night. This would count for part of our overall score from the judges. We worked until the final moment, and were relieved to have everything completed for the day.

At eleven o’clock on Monday, 7th March, everyone gathered on Hume Street with their outfits to get a mini bus to the Helix. The show was to start at seven pm and we had lots to do in between then!

When we first arrived at the Helix we had to go and register before we found out where our dressing room was and what time our performance was at. We got to our dressing room and quickly got to work on our hair and makeup for the performances. We really enjoyed meeting students from other schools and seeing their wonderful dresses and outfits.

At about two o’clock the groups started going down for a rehearsal to practice our routines and also to get us familiar with the stage. After the rehearsal we went back up to the dressing room to complete the finishing touches to our designs, hair and makeup.

As it neared 6 o’clock everyone had to vacate the dressing room apart from the models, as the audience was starting to arrive for the show. Backstage emotions were running high as everyone was very nervous but very excited! In no time the show was about to begin and we had to line up to get up on stage.

The nerves quickly wore off when you got onstage as the crowd was getting behind you and singing along to your song which helped make you feel a little more comfortable on stage.  After the performance we were hurried backstage to a miniature photoshoot where you got to show case your design one last time.

When the show was nearing the end, all of the models had to line up backstage ready to hear who got through to the final at the 3 Arena!!  Luckily, this year the school got two entries into the final; “Electric Ombre” and “Angelic Ammunition”. It has been a fantastic experience for all involved and we wish the best of luck to our two finalists. We would like to thank everyone who helped us take part in such a fantastic project!