ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards

On Wednesday, 13 May, Hana Gallagher and Eleanor Cripwell from 2nd Year attended the finals of the Young Environmentalist Awards with their project analysing the effects of different tones and rhythms on the movement behaviour of earthworms.  Here is Hana's account:

On the 13th May 2015, we entered the Round Room of the Mansion House filled with excited apprehension for the day ahead at the finals of the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards. We quickly set up our stall and explored the other projects in the huge room. The range of projects was amazing, from a Christmas themed project called Eco-Elves, to a bicycle that made smoothies and a project investigating the link between climate change and gender equality! Our project was about how earthworms activity was increased by sounds with different pitches and rhythms and before long we had three judges upon us, learning more about our project and its environmental benefits. While everyone was being judged, there was also some wonderful entertainment by some really talented students who were participating themselves. After lunch, we returned to the Mansion House for the moment we'd all been waiting for - the awards ceremony. Although we didn't win anything, we were very proud to have made it all the way into the final and see this as an achievement in itself.