BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!

  • BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!
  • BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!
  • BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!

On the 13th of January we visited the BT Young Scientist Exhibition. The event was held in the RDS, with hundreds of projects on display. These projects were carried out by students all across the country, each had its own certain flair, and each with an individual idea. We were lucky to have a few of our very own Loreto students accepted.

The first group to mention is Asha Rait and Saoirse Lynch, two first years. They explored the idea that your blood type could determine whether you are prone to head lice or not. They found there might be a connection, after one of the girl's family members had a case of head lice,  while it travelled to some members of the family, others were left unaffected. They investigated deeper into this, and found that those with blood types B and AB are most likely to be affected by head lice. The girls found these results by carrying out surveys.  This was a small part of the ample amount of background research they studied and further used to backup their experiment.

The second project was an individual project carried out by Hana Gallagher. Through this project, she looked closer at something most of us do not usually inspect too closely. Hana was talking to her sister and found that they thought of the word, mouse, as two different things. Because of the integration of technology into our everyday lives, the words we use to describe technology have replaced others. A simple example of this would be the word windows, while some think of a physical window others think of the computer operating system. It is something very interesting and relevant to our current era. Hana wondered if this phenomenon could be unique to each age group. Hana surveyed people of different ages to find that the linguistics of those aged between 19 and 39 had been most affected due to their prolonged exposure to technology throughout their life. Well done to Hana whose project was highly commended by the judges. 

The third group from our school consisted of Hannah Burgess, Sadhbh O’Neill and Grainne Brennan. Their project title ‘Lying is wrong, Except when it isn't’, was inspired by a documentary on Netflix called Dishonesty: The Truth about Lies. The girls  discovered a number of things including, you are less likely to lie as you get older and that you are more likely to lie if an incentive is being offered to you. The girls carried out tests with different age groups and offered incentives. When not offered an incentive the girls found that the tendency to lie was much smaller.

Overall we were fascinated by all the projects at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition with a special congratulations to the wonderful projects carried out by all the girls from Loreto.

Grace Coughlin and Julia Chartienitz