4G and 4T     P.E. Trip to Donegal Adventure Centre         1st-3rd September 2014


On the 1st of September 4G and 4T set out on the bus to Bundoran. The trip was packed full of teamwork, class-bonding and trust exercises as well as developing personal skills and pushing ourselves physically. We were split into 3 teams; Alpha, Bravo and Charlie which allowed us to mix with both classes and gave a competitive aspect to all the challenges.

After a 3 hour trip and hurried lunch the first activity was an adventure challenge where we had to work as a team to complete seemingly impossible tasks such as climbing a 10ft wall with no harness and nothing to pull ourselves up with. We learned to work as a group by giving each other boosts and pulling members up from the top.
Other activities included abseiling and a climbing wall which proved nerve-racking and rewarding. Local lakes provided picturesque scenery for kayaking. Surfing took place at the local world-renowned surfing beaches where we all gave catching some waves and standing up on our boards a try. With the help of the instructors we were managing the large waves quite well excluding the occasional nose dive which the instructors found all too funny. After building rafts from barrels, wood and ropes on the beach we put them in the water and competed in a race. Highly competitive was an under statement for the determination the teams had. The extra members of each team ended up in the water splashing the other team’s boat and distracting the paddlers. This along with the fact that our boats were falling apart under us added to the hilarious race.

The activities were great fun but we also had lots of fun singing on the bus, relaxing during our free time in the hostel and at meals.  We kept ourselves busy in between activities by chatting to the instructors and having a sing song with a guitar which was great fun.

This trip would not have been possible without the company of the three teachers who sacrificed their time to come with us. Therefore we are all very grateful to Ms. Crinion, Ms. McCaul and Ms. Galligan for accompanying us.  Overall the trip definitely brought us together as a group, pushed us outside our comfort zones and made for a fantastic start to the great year ahead.

Julie O'Brien