4B and 4M   P.E. Trip to Achill Adventure Centre       1st-3rd September 2014

On Monday the 1st of September 4B and 4M were accompanied by Mr Bain, Ms Clarke and Ms Moynihan on our 3 Day Transition Year Adventure Trip to Achill Island, County Mayo.

We arrived after a 5 hour bus journey and began our first activity after lunch. There were many activities available in the centre. These included canoeing, surfing, rock climbing, coasteering and mountain boarding. We were split into sports groups upon arrival, this meant that each group got a chance to try out every activity. Many of these activities were new to us so we had great fun experiencing new things. We also learned archery and played some fun team games. The instructors were very funny and helpful and made our trip all the more fun.

The trip was a huge success and everyone immensely enjoyed our 3 days in Achill. We all made new friends and experienced new things. We were all very sad to be returning back to Dublin to begin school the next day. Everyone in 4B and 4M would like to thank Mr Bain, Ms Clarke and Ms Moynihan who gave up a huge amount of their free time to accompany us on the trip, and without whom it would not have been possible.

Grace Given 4M