Principal’s Report - Tuesday 10th April

7th March-9th March
• Junior Cert Irish Orals were completed and Leaving Cert Mock Orals for French, Spanish and German.
• 4M Song School.
• 4th Year Spike ball Blitz-1B and 1M participated.
• EuroLanguages Talk in the AH.
• DVD Photos for 6th Years.
• EUNICAS Speaker for all 5th Years.
• DCU Speaker for 6th Years.

10th March-Incoming 1st Years-Assessments.

12th March-16th March.
• Spanish Inspection.
• 4G Song School.
• CBA for 2nd Year Business begins.
• TY Spirituality Workshop in the chapel.
• Basketball Final in Tallaght.
• Inter Loreto Debates in Beaufort.
• Graduation Ring Sizing for 6th Years.
• Lunchtime Concert in the AH.
• Dr Lucey Talk for parents.
• Leaving Cert Mock Orals for Irish.
• Trial Junior Cert HEC Practicals.
• 3rd Years Parents Information re TY.
• 4T Song School.
• TY Poetry Slam.
• All 3rd Years went to see Romeo and Juliet in Dundrum.

Tuesday 20th March-Friday 23rd March.
• 4th Year Class Action Law Day.
• Trial Junior Cert HEC Practicals.
• YSI Visit to Dún Laoghaire.
• 4M Aviva Trip.
• Fire Drill.
• 3rd Year Business Trip to Java Coffee.
• AIB Future Sparks Festival in the RDS.
• LC Music Recital for Parents.
• Easter Egg Hunt-House Event.
• Easter Egg Drive for SVP-280eggs collected and delivered.
• School Gathering in the Sports Hall to celebrate all the Sporting and Debating Achievements.

9th-10th April
• Burren Geography Tour for 5th year Geography
• 2nd Year Carlingford trip
• Public Speaking and Court visits for TYs

• 5th Years who don’t do Biology won’t have class on Thursday 12th.
• Snow Days-6th yrs will have class on Monday and Tuesday following graduation and 3rd Years will have class on Thursday 31st May prior to the school holidays. They will have Friday 1st June as a study day.
• 3rd yrs and 6th yrs received their fees letter which will all be completed online before 27th April. Confirmation of payment needs to be left at reception.
• Thank you from Jackie and I for the invitation to the lunch on the 20th April.

Professor Jim Lucey’s Presentation from PA Talk

The Parents Association was delighted to welcome Professor Jim Lucey to talk to parents on Tuesday 13 March on the topic of Building Confidence and Resilience in our Teenagers.  Prof Lucey gave a very engaging and informative talk and was extremely generous with his time and expertise.  He referred us to numerous sources of information on the status of mental health in Ireland and directed us to some tools for improving our own and our children’s mental health. The material referenced can all be found in the slides below. The main take away for parents was the importance of wellness and the fact that without mental health there is no health.  The undoubted highlight of the evening was when Professor Lucey extolled the (scientifically proven) benefits of singing for good mental health and had all assembled singing “Ireland’s Call” in full voice, probably a first for the Assembly Hall!

Principal’s Report for PA Meeting on 6th March 2018

• Mock Exams finished on 9th February.  Students have received some of their exams.  They should be all returned by early next week.
• 9/2/18 - Access Reading Test took place for all 1st Years.
• 9/2/18 - 5th Year Spanish class visited the Instituto Cervantes for a cultural visit.
• 5th-9th February - The Lockers Programme took place for 2nd Years under the charge of Ms Kelly.
• Kolkata group returned on Thursday 15th February and all involved had a brilliant experience.
• The TY Italy trip took place from 9th Feb -12th Feb and was a great success.
• 19th February - U18 3 by 3 Basketball Competition took place in Limerick.
• 21/2/18 - Leinster Cross Country took place in Santry.
• 21/2/18 - Green School Audit took place and we’re awaiting confirmation.
• 1st Year Art class (Ms O’Reilly’s) are working with the RHA Gallery on an Art Project.
• 22/2/18 - 2nd Year  PTM.
• DVD Photos of 6th Years-23/2/18 - Tom will take remaining groups.  Dates tbc due to snow.
• 26/2/18 - 1st Year Parents 2018 Information Evening.
• Condolences to Ms. Maverley and all her family on the death of her father Tony-23/3/18.
• 27/2/18 - ARUP Engineering Visit by 3 Fifth Years.
• TY Activities - Fire Safety/Mindfulness/Song School.
• 28/2/18-2/3/18 - School closed due to Snow.
• J.Cert Orals are continuing in Irish, German, Spanish and French.  Rearrangements have been made for those who missed their oral due to snow.
• L.Cert Mock Orals are currently being conducted in all languages.

Well done to the 2nd years who competed in the regional finals of the Dublin City Student Enterprise Awards in Croke Park today Tuesday the 6th March.  Congratulations to Slickfix who won the Intermediate  Category and will go on to represent Dublin in the Nationals.

Best of luck also to our 3rd year team of Aoife O’Flynn, Katrina Khodzinska, Eva Hayes and Anna Capri, who are competing in the BSTAI Business Quiz in UCD this evening (6th March).

2nd Year Study Skills. - 2B-16/4/18,  2G-18/4/18,  2M-10/4/18,  2T-11/4/18.

Principal’s Report - 6th February 2018

● Kolkata Immersion Experience-2nd Feb-16th Feb
● Blessing of the Hands-Friday 26th January.
● Folk Group meetings-Thursdays.
● TY Gorta Talk-11th January
● Wellbeing Week--Positive post its/negative thoughts bin/Health and wellbeing reflections/Drop Everything and Relax/Walk in my Shoes/Thankful Thursday.
● RSE Talk for parents and 3rd Years.
● TY Community care-29th Jan-9th Feb.
● Mission Possible meetings on Fridays.
● House Event for January.
● Mary Ward Week-22/1-18--26/1/18
● Amnesty meetings on Thursdays.
● 6th year prayer service-25/1/18
● TY Mindfulness-23rd and 25th Jan.
● GPPA Mass-28/1/18
● Sodality Mass in the chapel-2/2/18

● Young Scientist Projects and awards-10th-12th Jan 2018.
● 6th Year Study Skills-12/1/18
● Concern Debates-15/1/18
● JCT Cluster Day.
● TY Aptitude Testing-for students who missed December tests.
● French Theatre Workshop-17th Jan-TY and 5th Years.
● 6th Year Careers Talk-CAO-19/1/18
● LC Options for TYs-22/1/18-Parents-30/1/18
● JC Information night-3rd years-22/1/18 and 2nd years-5/2/18.
● 5th Year PTM-25/1/18
● Mock exams-29th Jan-9th Feb.
● IWISH STEM Conference for all 5th years-30/1/18
● AD ASTRA AWARD for Nicole Hemeryck-30/1/18

● Update on the proposed Performance Space-Multi Purpose space
● Brickwork- work should be completed within 5 weeks
● Roof repairs work should be completed within 5 weeks.

● TY Activities-Film School and Natural History Museum.
● DCU Cross Country and East Leinsters in Avondale.
● TY Glenlola visits-12th and 19th Jan.
● All Ireland-U-19 Final-Winners
● Condolences to the Walsh family and Lily in TY on the death of Mr Walsh.
● Cyberbullying talks for 1st years-Tuesday 30th January.
● Tag Rugby-began on 30th Jan.
● TY Trip to Italy-Friday 9th-Monday 12th February
● Lockers Programme for 2nd Years.

Parents Association AGM Healthy Eating Talk

The slides from the recent Parents Association AGM can be accessed via the link below. In addition Senior Dietican Cliodhna Kirwan gave a very informative talk on healthy eating after the AGM. Her presentation and some interesting lunchbox ideas can also be accessed below.

Summary of Parents Association Minutes September 13 2016


-Pastoral/Religious: School years opening mass was held on 21st September for all the years. A few of the 6th year girls went on a Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes to help the pilgrims. The entire 6th year classes will go on an overnight retreat to Lough Derg in the coming weeks.

-Academics: Congratulations to all the former 6th years students on their great leaving cert results. The PA are busy planning for a memorable pre-Debs reception in the school. The current 6th years will attend higher options in the RDS. Ipads are in place for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. Ms. Barrett is the year head for the 1st years who are reported to be settling in very well. We are eagerly awaiting the JC results.

-New Staff: Welcome to the new staff – Ms Aisling Murray – Geography, Ms Ciara Beatty- Spanish and French, Mr Mark Gleeson – Irish, Ms Inara Zaeurs –Irish and Home Economics, Mr Sean Wogan – Business and Cultural Activities. New classroom assistant appointed – Ms Sarah Mc Andrew – 1st years. New part time chaplain appointed – Ms Stephenie Curtis. Temporary librarian appointed – Ms Michelle Davis

-Sports News: There are so many clubs and lunchtime activities started and the 1st years are busy deciding which ones they would like to become involved with. All activities and schedules can be found on the Loreto web page.

-Other News: There are plans to get a second water fountain for the lunch room.

-Speakers: We have a guest speaker (dietician) invited to give a talk at the AGM on how to ensure our daughters are eating a healthy diet to support their busy school lives. The PA will be looking for new members to come on board and join their team.

Loreto PA AGM

Loreto College Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday,  September 28th 2016 at 7.30pm. All Welcome.


1. Minutes of  2015 AGM

2. Chairperson’s Report

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Principal’s Report

5. Board of Management Report

6. Election of new Executive Committee Members

7. AOB

Guest Speaker

Cliodhna Kirwan
“Healthy Eating”

Loreto PA Talk

Loreto Parents Association would like to invite all parents to a talk which will be given by John Sharry on April 6th 2016 at 7.30pm.  John Sharry is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Author and Co-Founder of Parents Plus Charity Ireland Mental Health Care.

The talk is titled: 'Helping Teenagers make Good Choices about Alcohol, Drugs and Sex'.  Teenagers and young people are under increased pressure to become involved in harmful and risky activities whether it is smoking, drinking, early sexual activity or drug taking.  Parents are right to be concerned and they have a key role to play in keeping their children safe.  Drawing on up-to-date research, John Sharry will present principles for parents interested in knowing how to help their children remain safe as they grow up and to divert them from problematic drinking and drug taking etc.  The focus is on prevention, showing parents the best steps they can take to protect their children and avoid problems in the first place.

We are sure that this will prove to be very informative and are looking forward to seeing you there.