Whole School Evaluation - Management, Leadership and Learning

The publication of the WSE/MLL inspection report was warmly received by the whole school community.  One of the key findings, “The promotion and facilitation of the student voice, student participation and student leadership is highly developed”, recognises the centrality of the student in our school.   It was also noted that “Students are viewed and see themselves as partners and stakeholders.” Further in the report the inspectors observe that “Students knew and could explain the holistic nature of the education they were experiencing, and cited a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities of a sporting, musical, artistic and social nature available to them”.  This is high praise indeed and affirmation for all the teachers, coaches and other staff members who work so hard to ensure that our students graduate from Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green with the essential skills and values that will enhance not only their own lives but the lives of all those with whom they come in contact.

The teachers here work tirelessly to ensure that their students benefit from new teaching methodologies and their own professional development. “There is a commendably high level of engagement of staff in a range of CPD areas, and a commitment to sharing expertise, most notably in relation to eLearning, and through peer observation. Lesson observations showed a direct link between the professional development of teachers and enhanced classroom practice and engagement of students.”  This highlights the excellent culture of collaboration and collegiality among subject department members but also across subject departments.  The inspectors commented that “the students showed an exemplary attitude to their own learning. While they approached their work seriously a level of enjoyment was evident”.   The inspectors also commented on the “extent to which the eLearning initiative has been embedded as a tool to support student learning”.

Student wellbeing and pastoral care is a core value of a Loreto school and the inspectors recognised this, “There are highly effective support structures in place to provide for students’ wellbeing, learning and individual educational needs”. The statement that a “striking level of awareness of the centrality of the chaplaincy service amongst students and the pro-active approach among staff to supporting and enhancing student well–being” is noteworthy. The chaplains, the guidance counsellor, the Year Head team, the senior leadership team, the teachers, the staff all work together in a “highly co-ordinated approach” to deliver a “personal, educational and vocational guidance to students”.

The school community is very proud of the inspection report. We are reflective practitioners and are constantly striving to enhance and improve the school for the benefit of the students. I would like to thank the Board of Management, the deputy principal,  the middle leadership team, the teachers, the staff, parents and most importantly the students for creating such a wonderful teaching and learning environment.

Whole School Evaluation - Management, Leadership and Learning
Ms Jackie Dempsey

February House Event

February House Event

On Tuesday 28th February, all students got the chance to participate in a pancake cooking and decorating competition.  As part of Mental Health Week, the theme was smiley pancakes.    There was a great atmosphere as all students put their cooking skills to the test.   The pancakes were not the only things smiling!  Everyone was encouraged by the motivational music.  

The winning pancakes were from classes 1G and 1T with  2G taking the winning team prize and both teams received 25 house points. Brigid Etchingham-Coll 3T won the individual pancake prize and received 10 house points. 

Thanks again to Ms McCaul for all her help in this months house event and Ms Curtis for promoting mental health awareness.

Sarah Murray 6G and Abby Coakley 6M - House Committee

Junk Kouture Semi- Finalists

Junk Kouture Semi- Finalists

Best of luck to this year's Junk Kouture Regional Semi-Finalists who will perform in the Helix this Thursday evening! Outfits modelled by Tamsin Carolan, Katelynn Murray Whelan, Jane McHugh, Sara Jane Leavey and Anna Frizelle.

Saturday Sports Fixtures


1st Year Group 2 v Mt. Temple   Venue: YMCA   Time: 10am
1st Year Group 4 v Mt. Anville    Venue: Mt. Anville   Time: 9am
1st Year Group 1 and 3 v Mt. Anville    Venue: Mt. Anville   Time: 10am


2nd Year B v Bray   Venue: Loreto Bray   Time: 10am
1st Year B v Bray    Venue: Loreto Bray   Time: 11am

Fixtures Saturday 4th February 2017


Senior A v High School @ 9am  AWAY
Senior B v Dalkey @ 10am AWAY
Junior A v Dalkey @ 9am AWAY
Junior D v Dalkey @ 9am HOME
1st Year Group 2 v Dalkey @ 10am HOME
1st Year Group 4 v Dalkey @ 11am AWAY
Minor B v Andrews @ 10am AWAY

Basketball- ALL IN DALKEY

1st Year A @9.30
2nd Year A @ 10.30
1st Year B @11.30
2nd Year B @ 12.30

January House Event!

January House Event!

The January House Event took place on Tuesday 31st January.  This event was a twist on the Great British Bake-off and was announced as The Loreto Ice-Off Challenge.  Each House Team had to ice cup-cakes incorporating house designs symbolic to their house such as colour, letter or animal.  Tensions rose as the Assembly Hall filled with spectators eager to watch their House take the win.  Each house team had a rep from each class ready to put their creativity to the test.  The time limit was fifteen minutes.  While icing was ongoing, the House Committee entertained the crowd with music, dancing and interviews with the participants.
When the countdown hit zero a look of awe and anticipation covered the faces of every house member.  Who would take the win …….  Ms. McCaul and Ms. Kavanagh, the Home Economics Department Judges, along with our Head Girl Grace Given, struggled to crown a winner due to the high standard presented.  Finally a decision was made and the Macaw “Pink Ladies” took the title of Ice-Off Champions 2017. 
It was clear to all that the Loreto Ice-Off was a very successful and high-spirited event and we would like to thank Ms. McCaul for organising it. 

Eimear Merriman 6M and Alex McNamara 6B 

Congratulations to Senior B Camogie Shield Champions!

Congratulations to Senior B Camogie Shield Champions!

Loreto Senior Camogie team wins Dublin B Shield

The Senior Camogie team showed a great fighting spirit to win the Dublin Post Primary Schools Senior B Shield on January 20th..  After our quarter final got postponed due to bad weather before Christmas the girls faced a tough game against Jesus and Mary Goatstown straight after our return to school.  We got a great start to this game when an interception by Sophie Nugent led to a great goal by Orlaith Martin.  With Orla Buggy and Aoife Graham dominating at the back and Emma Deeley and Mikaela Griffin winning the midfield battle, we continued to create chances and points from Leah O'Reilly, Mikaela Griffin and Aine Purtill-Kalk with another Martin goal giving us a good lead at the break.  Unfortunately, we didn't start the second half as well and Goatstown fought back with 3 goals without reply.  This left the game in the balance as we headed into the last 15 minutes.  However, Loreto finished strongly with an Emma Deeley point allowing us to retake the lead.  Another Loreto goal followed by a Leah O'Reilly point meant we won on a scoreline of Loreto College 3-5 Jesus and Mary Goatstown 3-0.  
In the Semi we were drawn away to St Colmcilles.  We again had a good start with Carolyn McCarthy getting a point from our first attack.  The game was closely contested throughout and scores were hard to come by.  With Maeve O'Regan and Ruth Redmond winning lots of possession for Loreto, an Emma Deeley goal gave Loreto the edge at the break.  In the second half both sides traded scores as Siobhan McCluskey and Aoibh McIntyre got points for Loreto.  St Colmcilles struck for a goal to bring them back level but a Carolyn McCarthy goal restored the lead and she followed it up with the insurance point to give us a victory on a scoreline of Loreto College 2-4 St Colmcilles 1-3.
This meant that Loreto College would get the chance to take on Scoil Dara Kilcock in the Shield final.  Once again the game was tightly contested throughout.  With Leah O'Reilly and Ruth Redmond prominent at the back for Loreto College and Mikaela Griffin and Emma Deeley once again getting through a huge amount of work in the middle of the field, we began to create chances.  Carolyn McCarthy struck 3 first half points before Orlaith Martin added a goal.  Kilcock hit back with points of their own before Emma Deeley added a point to leave Loreto up by 2 points at the break.  Shortly after the break Orla Buggy set up Aine Purtill-Kalk for another goal which was soon cancelled out by a Kilcock goal.  The sides traded points with Carolyn McCarthy on the scoresheet for Loreto.  This left us with a dangerous two point lead as we headed into the final few minutes.  Kilcock kept piling on the pressure but a few great catches by Loreto goalkeeper Julie Donnelly kept them at bay and we held on to win on a scoreline of Loreto College 2-6 Scoil Dara Kilcock 1-7.  This was a great victory for the Green as the girls worked really hard throughout the match and I lost count of how many times we made crucial hooks and blocks.  The girls showed a great team spirit and it was great to see them getting their just reward for a series of impressive performances.
Loreto Senior Camogie 2017: Julie Donnelly, Orlaith Freaney, Elizabeth Murchan, Maeve O'Regan, Leah O'Reilly, Aoife Graham, Ruth Redmond, Mikaela Griffin, Emma Deeley, Aoibh McIntyre, Orlaith Martin, Siobhan McCluskey, Aine Purtill-Kalk, Carolyn McCarthy, Sophie Nugent, Orla Buggy, Caoimhe O'Reilly, Laura Furlong, Rebecca Noone, Ruth Allen, Clodagh Cullen, Kate Lanigan, Lauren Murphy.  

Mary Ward Week 2017

Mary Ward Week

23rd-30th of January 2017

Mary Ward Week 2017

The sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, popularly known as Loreto have as their founder Mary Ward.  In a male dominated society and church, she believed that women in time to come would do much.  She established foundations in six European countries but what she desired at the time was considered ‘outrageous’ and her houses were suppressed.

While Mary Ward died with few followers, she did inspire these to remain loyal to the church.  Her spirituality is centred on Jesus and in the Gospel values.  She attempted to initiate an apostolic way of life and active ministry based on the spirituality and constitutions of St. Ignatius.  From the 23rd to the 30th of January we are celebrating Mary Ward Week.  

Mary Ward Prayer

Lord, you helped Mary Ward

To find her way.

You always gave her the strength

To do the right thing.

We ask you to now guide us

Along our way.

And give us the strength

To be who we want to be.

May all the saints of heaven

Guide us on our way

And send your angels to

Protect us day by day.



BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!

BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2017!

On the 13th of January we visited the BT Young Scientist Exhibition. The event was held in the RDS, with hundreds of projects on display. These projects were carried out by students all across the country, each had its own certain flair, and each with an individual idea. We were lucky to have a few of our very own Loreto students accepted.

The first group to mention is Asha Rait and Saoirse Lynch, two first years. They explored the idea that your blood type could determine whether you are prone to head lice or not. They found there might be a connection, after one of the girl's family members had a case of head lice,  while it travelled to some members of the family, others were left unaffected. They investigated deeper into this, and found that those with blood types B and AB are most likely to be affected by head lice. The girls found these results by carrying out surveys.  This was a small part of the ample amount of background research they studied and further used to backup their experiment.

The second project was an individual project carried out by Hana Gallagher. Through this project, she looked closer at something most of us do not usually inspect too closely. Hana was talking to her sister and found that they thought of the word, mouse, as two different things. Because of the integration of technology into our everyday lives, the words we use to describe technology have replaced others. A simple example of this would be the word windows, while some think of a physical window others think of the computer operating system. It is something very interesting and relevant to our current era. Hana wondered if this phenomenon could be unique to each age group. Hana surveyed people of different ages to find that the linguistics of those aged between 19 and 39 had been most affected due to their prolonged exposure to technology throughout their life. Well done to Hana whose project was highly commended by the judges. 

The third group from our school consisted of Hannah Burgess, Sadhbh O’Neill and Grainne Brennan. Their project title ‘Lying is wrong, Except when it isn't’, was inspired by a documentary on Netflix called Dishonesty: The Truth about Lies. The girls  discovered a number of things including, you are less likely to lie as you get older and that you are more likely to lie if an incentive is being offered to you. The girls carried out tests with different age groups and offered incentives. When not offered an incentive the girls found that the tendency to lie was much smaller.

Overall we were fascinated by all the projects at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition with a special congratulations to the wonderful projects carried out by all the girls from Loreto.

Grace Coughlin and Julia Chartienitz