April House Event

April House Event

The April House Event took place on Thursday 6th April.  

Each House Team had to listen to the House Committee to get their clues for the hidden eggs.  There was great excitement and sprinting around the grounds to get back quickly.

In the end the Macaws were the quickest and won 50 House Points.

Carlingford PE Trip

Carlingford PE Trip

On Wednesday the 5th of April, all 2nd years were lucky enough to go to Carlingford Adventure Centre.

At 8 o'clock we set off. When we arrived we were put into groups. One group did the land activities and the other group did the sea activities and then we swapped over activities.

We put our bags away and the land based group set off. When we got there we put on our helmets and played a few warm up games. We then divided ourselves into smaller groups. The activity we did was called the Crystal Maze. There were a range of challenges to complete. My favourite was a spiders web (made from rope !).  These tasks were challenging but really enjoyable and fun.

When the challenges were complete we went back to the centre where we had lunch. The lunch of chicken curry and rice was delicious. After this we had a few minutes to relax. 

After lunch we participated in the water activity. We were all given our wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets. When everyone was changed we got our kayaks. The water was freezing but it was all part of the experience. We learnt the basic kayaking skills.

We kayaked over to a pontoon and then over to a beach, where we played a few games to keep ourselves warm. Everyone really enjoyed this. The instructors were really friendly and helpful.
Sadly it was time to go. It was a day we will never forget.

On behalf of all the second years we would all like to thank Ms. Peelo, Ms. Maverley and Sasha for accompanying us.
And a big thanks to Ms. Crinion for organising a lovely PE trip for us.

Katie McKernan and Ava Quigley (2M)

Visit from Cecilia Ahern

Visit from Cecilia Ahern

On 22nd March we were very fortunate to be visited by Cecilia Ahern.  She spoke to the girls about how she became an author, writing her first novel, having her novels published and about writing for TV.  The girls found her inspirational.  Thank you Cecilia. 

Maytime Music

Maytime Music - 7pm Tuesday, 9th May 2017, Assembly Hall, Loreto College

Application forms to audition for Maytime Music are now available outside Music 2.  Completed applications should be placed in the box outside the Staffroom before 4pm on Thursday, 6th April. Auditions will take place on Tuesday, 26th April from 4.15pm in the Assembly Hall.

Spelling Bee in Belvedere College

Spelling Bee in Belvedere College

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Team who represented the School so well at the Spelling Bee Competition in Belvedere College on 30th March.   Many thanks to Aileen in Belvedere College for organising and hosting such a fun event.  We look forward to next year!

SimSimi App - Important Information

Below is an important information message from Wriggle (iPad partner) about the SimSimi app, recently soaring in popularity.

In addition to the measures taken by Wriggle, we can confirm that the school eLearning Director has been in contact with all students and staff reminding them of the 'iPad Acceptable Use Guidelines'.


Recently there has been coverage in the press about a new app called SimSimi. This is an anonymous chat app, that we feel is inappropriate for use on student's devices.

We can confirm that this cannot be used on any iPad associated with Wriggle assuming our management profile is installed on the device.

The App SimSimi is rated as over 17's on the App Store. Once the student's iPad has the Meraki or Zuludesk management profile installed, the app cannot be used on the iPad.

As a precaution we are adding this to the Meraki banned app list and Blacklisting the app on all 2016 iPads purchased from us.

Wriggle is committed to ensuring that your digital learning environment is safe, engaging and effective. We will continue to monitor for new apps and respond accordingly as new apps are released.

If you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Wriggle Team.

Kind regards,
The Wriggle Team

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

The theme of this years Anti-Bullying week was to encourage the students to stand up against bullying behaviour. Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year attended workshops, facilitated by the Guidance Councillor Ms Weaver and Chaplain Ms Curtis. Students also had tutor classes that looked at defining bullying behaviour and how to deal with it. They looked at the role of the bystander and how they can stand up against bullying behaviour. The girls were also reminded of the support systems provided by the school and encouraged to talk to someone if they have been affected by a bullying incident or witnessed an incident.

The week started with the distribution of wrist-bands designed by the students showing their support against bullying behaviour - wording by 2nd years and image by Julia Chartienitz – 5th year.

This was followed later on in the week by the signing of an Anti Bullying Pledge, facilitated by the Student Council.
The Student Council also promoted the iwitness emoji, linked with cyber-bullying, following the theme of being an UPstander not a Bystander.
The website WEBWISE is an excellent source of information on the issues surrounding cyber-bullying and staying safe online and offers good links for parents and students.  Please click https://www.webwise.ie/parents/cyberbullying-advice/ to view website.

The girls were also introduced to the school’s newly appointed Anti Bullying Ambassadors, Niamh Hickey, Suzanne Masterson, Líadan O’Hare, Isobel Byrne and Holly Hayes – all 5th years. The girls are part of our Wellbeing Committee and they attended a training course facilitated by the Diana Award.

March House Event

March House Event

The March House event took place on Tuesday 14th March in collaboration with Irish week.  We organised a Céilí Mór in the Sports Hall with green balloons and classic Irish songs setting the cultural tone before the Céilí began. 

We kicked it off with a lively jig.  Students from all years joined together and danced their heart away in celebration of Irish week.  We also played the Gaelteacht classic "An Dreoilín".  Each student knew every move without failure!  Laughter filled the Sports Hall throughout the entire Céilí.  The atmosphere was incredible.

The Céilí Mór was a great success and the Gazelle House were awarded 50 house points for best attendance and the 5M class received 20 house points for most enthusiasm and spirit.  

The aim of house events is to get studetns smiling and to promote school spirit and without a doubt the Céilí Mór delivered on both aspects!

Thank you to the house committee, Irish committee, Ms Cunningham and Ms Crinion for organising the event.


Alex McNamara 6B

Parents Association Talk

The Parents Association are holding a talk entitled "Understanding Families : creating resilience, coping with anxieties"  on Monday, 27th March at 8pm preceded by tea/coffee at 7.30pm.  All welcome.

Sport Fixture for Saturday 11th March


Senior A v Beaufort   Venue: Beaufort  Time: 9am
Senior B v Beaufort    Venue: Beaufort   Time: 10am
Minor A v Beaufort   Venue: YMCA   Time: 9am
Minor B v Beaufort   Venue: YMCA   Time: 10am
Minor C v Beaufort   Venue: Beaufort   Time: 11.15am
1st Year Groups 1, 2 and 4  V Mt. Anville   Venue: Mt. Anville   Time: 9am


2nd Year A v Dalkey- Loreto Semi Final   Venue: Dalkey   Time: 9.30am

Transition Year Spikeball Coaching

Transition Year Spikeball Coaching

As part of our Transition Year program in Loreto on the Green, we were given the chance to become Spikeball coaches.

Spikeball is a simplified version of volleyball used to introduce children to the rules and techniques of volleyball.    The spaces on the course were limited and to qualify for the course we had to pass a test on the rules of the game. Sixteen students were given a place on the course.

The sixteen TY students were broken up into 4 coaching groups and each group was assigned a class to teach: Scoil Chaitriona ’s 5th and 6th class, Loreto College Junior School’s 6th Class, and 1B and 1M from Loreto College Senior School.

We taught them the skills and rules required to play Spikeball in 6 sessions. The classes partaking in the coaching really enjoyed playing Spikeball and very quickly progressed, becoming confident and competent players. At the end of the 6 sessions, we organised a Blitz to showcase the skills of the partaking schools.

The Blitz took place on Friday the 3rd of February in the Loreto College Sports hall. We arrived early before the Blitz to set up the hall, organise the prizes and run through the duties assigned to us.  Each coach had a role to play and we all put our best effort to ensure the Blitz ran smoothly. Everybody had a great day out and enjoyed playing the matches.

At the end of the Blitz there was a short presentation with prizes for the winning team from 1M and the runners up. There were also spot prizes that each coaching group gave out to their own classes to recognise players that were outstanding throughout the course.  Each student left the Blitz with a prize and a big smile on their face.

All the coaches involved enjoyed the experience and gained new skills and discovered abilities during the course.
Thank you to Ms. Crinion for organising this great experience for us.
(Tamsin Carolan 4T)