New Exhibition ‘Ministry, Advocacy & Compassion: The Catholic Church & 1916’

Ministry, Advocacy & Compassion is a new exhibition that takes you into the heart of 1916 and explores the work of Catholic priests and nuns during the Easter Rising.  Delve into a collection of newly–released archival documents, including eye witness accounts from Loreto Archives, and read the unique accounts of those who aided the injured, fed the hungry, and attended to the imprisoned leaders before execution.
Open 1.30–5.30pm every day in the Pro-Cathedral, Marlborough St, Dublin.  Admission is free. 

Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016

Two teams from Loreto College St. Stephen’s Green qualified for the Grand Final of the Junk Kouture Fashion Competition this year. They were chosen from over 1,000 entries to compete in the 3 Arena on 14th April. A huge well done to Kate De Búrca (model), Julia Chartienitz and Andrea McEniff who created Electric Ombré and Oonagh Fleming, Ava Smith and Lucy Creedon (model) who created Angelic Ammunition.

Junk Kouture by Julia Chartienitz

The transition year craft class, with the directing of Ms. Fynes, separated into groups to enter the 2016 Junk Kouture competition. Each group designed a dress made of recyclable materials. We used the things around us such as elastic, cardboard, corks, wires, cigarettes filters and anything else we could find. Once you had your materials, it was easy to design the silhouette and patterns of the dress although a lot of the earlier plans were completely
different from the finished product. They were redrawn constantly and most of the dresses were changed on a whim halfway through. We placed the finishing touches and submitted our photos. Four out of seven groups achieved greatness and passed into the semi- finals.

The semi- finals, held in the Helix of UCD, was a massive production. We arrived early in the morning and cornered off part the changing room for our groups. The other groups in the room looked like they were going to be hard to beat. Their outfits were extravagant and complex, but our models performed phenomenally. Then at the end of the night the judges announced that two of our groups had made it through to the finals, “Angelic Ammunition” and “Electric Ombre”. They circled the stage while the audience cheered. We were very happy with ourselves and celebrated later with a pizza party!

It was easier to prepare for the finals this time since we knew what we needed to do from our semi-final experience. We also had so much help and support in school. The dresses that had qualified needed to be touched up. “Angelic Ammunition” even changed models and refit the dress. “Electric Ombre”, my group, repainted our shoes and had to devise a complex mechanism to allow our model Kate to wear the very heavy dress for several hours at a time. The finals were held in the 3 Arena. There were thousands of people watching us and we really felt that this was our moment and we were so happy to be there. There were games, booths and a silent disco before the contest started which was loads of fun!  We also had a lot of supporters who stood up and cheered when our dresses came out!  Neither of our groups won a prize, but everyone was lively backstage and we had made amazing friends. I loved the entire competition overall and would recommend it to all transition year students!

Junk Kouture by Oonagh Fleming

It’s nearly hard to put into words how much fun the Junk Kouture Grand Final day was! We arrived in school before eight to begin our elaborate hair and make up designs. We got a taxi to the 3 Arena at eleven o’clock and spent the day backstage.  We spent the first part of the day in a dressing room getting our model, Lucy, ready. I acted as a stylist and makeup artist for the day. As my design was being featured on TV we went to a ’press call’ where lots of TV stations and newspapers filmed us and asked us questions. It was so much fun and really exciting! Shortly after this we took part in a rehearsal so we would be familiar with the catwalk. Each design has one minute on the catwalk which is actually really short. We had practiced non-stop and really enjoyed the final practice before the show. Lucy was performing to a Kanye West song that we had edited especially for the show.

As we were putting our final touches to hair and makeup, and eating the pizza Junk Kouture had given us, we were asked to do an interview on 2fm radio! We were brought to the 2fm bus and were interviewed by Eoghan Mc Dermott from The Voice. We were a bit nervous but he asked us lots of great questions and we got a chance to talk about our school, our design and what we liked about Junk Kouture. It was great being on the radio and something we might not get a chance to do again.

Despite the fact we were in the 3 Arena all day it seemed like all of a sudden it was time for the show to begin. The models waited backstage and the two teams and Ms. Fynes took our seats in the audience. We were delighted to see so many of our school friends there to support us! The show was fantastic and I loved looking at everyone else’s creations. It was an unbelievable feeling seeing the outfit I had worked on for months on stage in such a famous venue! Junk Kouture was such a fantastic experience for so many reasons. We began the project with a few vague ideas and through a process of sketching, research and sampling we created an outfit we are so proud of. This afforded us the opportunity to perform in the Helix, the 3 Arena, appear on TV3 news and 2fm radio!  It also gave us an amazing insight into the world of design and the hard work, creativity and dedication that goes into a successful project. We are delighted we got the opportunity to take part in Junk Kouture and are so thankful that our school facilitated this brilliant project.

Annual GPPA Evergreen Concert 2016

The 2016 Evergreen Concert, featuring performances by Green Past Pupils will take place on Friday, 22nd April at 8pm in the school Assembly Hall.

As usual, Caoimhe Ní Áinle has put together a wonderful line-up of artistes,  featuring a wide range of performances. Given that the actual centenary of the Easter Rising falls on that weekend, there’ll be more than a passing nod to the events of 1916. It promises to be a very special evening, and we hope you can attend.

Since the issue of homelessness is at crisis point, all proceeds will go towards supporting The Capuchin Day Centre in Church Street. Brother Kevin Crowley founded the Centre in 1969 to help relieve the hardship endured by homeless people and to help those in need. In February, Verdi 53, the past pupils and staff choir, lost one of its members, Karena Ramsay, and we will be donating the proceeds of the interval raffle to The Irish Cancer Society in memory of her.

Tickets are €20. To purchase tickets please click here (Note: tickets bought online cost €22, to cover Paypal charges.) A limited number of tickets will also be available, at the door, on the night.

Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016 by Anna Sanders & Kate Murray

As part of the Craft module in Transition Year, a number of students were given the opportunity to submit an entry to the Junk Kouture recycled fashion competition run by Bank of Ireland. We began by brainstorming ideas before deciding on the final design to work from. Over the following weeks, we gathered our recycled materials and began to bring these designs to life. From October until December, we worked tirelessly  having to stay behind in the Art Room at lunch times and both before and after school  trying to have our creations completed before the deadline. In addition to this, we had to research similar ideas to see if they would be of use to us, and gathered these images in a scrapbook so that we could refer to them.

Finally, the time had come to submit our designs, and Ms. Fynes organised a photo shoot for each of the models a week beforehand. The photos taken would be uploaded onto our own Junk Kouture account for the judges to see. Along with this element of the judging process, we had to write a short description of our outfit and what it was made from. We had to then select a short mp3 clip that would be played on stage for our performance in the event that we were chosen for the Eastern Semi Final. After extremely hard work, we completed our entries and waited in anticipation for an email to say whether we had gone through to the next stage.

Two weeks later, the news had arrived. We knew that not everyone would be selected, and there was some disappointment. However, four entries from our school had gone through to the Semi Final! They were ‘Nóinín’ by Anna Sanders and Kate Murray, ‘Diaphanous’ by Amber Mc Cann, Claire Whelan and Orla Sherlock, ‘Electric Ombre’ by Kate De Búrca, Julia Chartienitz and Andrea McEniff and ‘Angelic Ammunition’ by Oonagh Fleming, Ava Smith and Lucy Creedon. We were thrilled to have so many participating from Loreto on the Green, and quickly resumed working on our outfits to prepare the finishing touches for the catwalk. A past pupil of the school also came in to help us create a routine to perform on the night. This would count for part of our overall score from the judges. We worked until the final moment, and were relieved to have everything completed for the day.

At eleven o’clock on Monday, 7th March, everyone gathered on Hume Street with their outfits to get a mini bus to the Helix. The show was to start at seven pm and we had lots to do in between then!

When we first arrived at the Helix we had to go and register before we found out where our dressing room was and what time our performance was at. We got to our dressing room and quickly got to work on our hair and makeup for the performances. We really enjoyed meeting students from other schools and seeing their wonderful dresses and outfits.

At about two o’clock the groups started going down for a rehearsal to practice our routines and also to get us familiar with the stage. After the rehearsal we went back up to the dressing room to complete the finishing touches to our designs, hair and makeup.

As it neared 6 o’clock everyone had to vacate the dressing room apart from the models, as the audience was starting to arrive for the show. Backstage emotions were running high as everyone was very nervous but very excited! In no time the show was about to begin and we had to line up to get up on stage.

The nerves quickly wore off when you got onstage as the crowd was getting behind you and singing along to your song which helped make you feel a little more comfortable on stage.  After the performance we were hurried backstage to a miniature photoshoot where you got to show case your design one last time.

When the show was nearing the end, all of the models had to line up backstage ready to hear who got through to the final at the 3 Arena!!  Luckily, this year the school got two entries into the final; “Electric Ombre” and “Angelic Ammunition”. It has been a fantastic experience for all involved and we wish the best of luck to our two finalists. We would like to thank everyone who helped us take part in such a fantastic project!

Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

On Friday, November 23rd we started our Photography Workshop with Tim Durham. He showed us pictures he had taken from his travels around the world. He also showed us different close ups of photos and we tried to guess what they were. We learned a lot about the different types of lighting and perspective when taking photos. In the afternoon it was time for us to take photos around town of things that are interesting to us. Some people took pictures of statues, people, nature and others went into shops. It was really interesting to see how much there is to photograph in Dublin City.

On Monday we looked at more pictures Tim took and the different ways they were taken whether that was horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Also we learned how to use long exposures to take photos of things moving which was made us look like ghosts, almost! At the end of the workshop we got to see everyone’s photos that they took and we picked our favourites. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and learned so much from it.

By Hannah Hale & Éibhinn Linehan 4G

Art Trip to London

Art Trip to London

It was with much anticipation and excitement that the 5th and 6th Year Art students set off for London to see the sold out Alexander McQueen retrospective in the V&A.  'Savage Beauty' was a wholly brilliant and absorbing experience. The rooms are categorised by visual theme and tell two stories side by side: that of McQueen’s career and of what it was like to go to a McQueen catwalk show. 

The highlight for many was The Cabinet of Curiosities, a room that seems infinitely tall, crammed with a multitude of exotic and intoxicating McQueen creations. A headpiece in the shape of a peacock, a skirt constructed like a foldable wooden fan embroidered with intricate punch-holes and a medieval suit of armour made of crystal are only some of the pieces we were fascinated to experience. At the centre of the room, the Spray Paint Dress in which Shalom Harlow was decorated by robots at the finale of a show rotates on a mannequin. This creation typifies McQueen's creativity and imagination as he transcends the boundaries between art and fashion.

Another piece that could only be described as art, is the moving and hypnotic Pepper’s Ghost. It is an illusion, in which a fairy-sized vision of Kate Moss is conjured up out of thin air by a Victorian technique using projectors and mirrors. The installation is arresting in its simplicity and ephemeral beauty. The depth and variety of work on show will provide wonderful context for the Art Appreciation section of the Leaving Cert Art History Exam.

After lunch we took a tour of the permanent collection of the V&A. It was then time for shopping and dinner before a sleepy flight home. Despite the early start, forty fashion fans returned home from London exhilarated by the fantastic day and showstopper exhibition.

Easter Pop Up Art Workshop

Easter Pop Up Art Workshop

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get a little bit messy with the aim of creating an original Easter Egg design! 1st years took part in an Pop Up Art workshop organised by Molly Fergus, Art Captain. The girls created an Easter Egg from string & balloons & spray paint with some interesting results!