PA Notice - Please Save the Date - 29th March

Please Save the Date – March 29th

Loreto Stephen's Green Parents' Lunch will take place on March 29th in the Conrad Hotel.

Tickets are due to go on sale soon. Details to follow.

Parents' Association 

December House Event - Student versus Teacher Basketball Match

December House Event - Student versus Teacher Basketball Match

The December House Event took place on Thursday the 20th December.   It was a student versus teacher basketball match.  One girl from each class participated.  This year 3B CSPE Action Project is for homelessness and each student who came to support the match donated €1 in aid of homelessness.  The girls raised €230.

Overall the event was a huge success.  The sports hall was full of supporters and everyone really enjoyed it.  The students showed great teamwork and played very well but unfortunately it was the teachers who won!

Many thanks to all the teachers who took part and all students who played and supported.


Emma O'Leary

6B House Committee

Yoga - Wednesday Activity Option

Yoga - Wednesday Activity Option

I have been taking part in Yoga from 1st year and thoroughly enjoy it.  Yoga is an activity I always look forward to and it never fails to make me feel good.  During our hour class every Wednesday my friends and I have fun and relax.  It is nice to have an activity that gives you a sense of calm halfway through the busy week.

Every week we learn new and exciting poses, as well as practice familiar ones.  This is all lead by Ms. O’Reilly, who is just as enthusiastic about yoga as we are!  She always greets us with a smile and welcomes us into her class.  There is lovely music playing as we practice, and no matter what, I always leave with a smile on my face.  At the beginning of class we all choose something or someone we would like to think about or dedicate our practice to.  When we are finished, we reflect on this thought, and I am always satisfied with how I feel about it after Yoga.

You don’t need to have experience to do it.  It is a very calming exercise and you can continue to practice in your home.  There is no limit to what you can do in Yoga.  There is no pressure to be flexible as Ms. O’Reilly gives you a few different progressions of the poses, so you are able to stop at whichever one you like.

I recommend Yoga as it is a relaxing and peaceful hour, where you can let go during the busy school weeks.  Thank you to Ms. O'Reilly for being a wonderful yoga teacher. 

Halle O’Loughnan (2T)

Christmas News Bulletin from Loreto Rumbek

Christmas News Bulletin from Loreto Rumbek

News from Loreto Rumbek

Greetings from South Sudan. Enclosed are some news items from the last few months. You can find out more about our school and how you can help us at

A Special Thank You to all of the donors, advocates, and supporters of the Loreto Programs in Rumbek. Without your hard work or support none of this would be possible. 

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2019.

From us all in Loreto Rumbek, South Sudan.


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