Saturday Sports Schedule

Below is the sports schedule for Saturday 30th September:

Hockey Training:

Juniors @ 9am (YMCA)
Minors @ 10am (YMCA)
1st Years @ 11am (YMCA)

*No Senior hockey training

Basketball Training:

Seniors @ 10:30am
Cadettes @ 11:30am
2nd Years @ 12:30am
1st Years @ 1:30pm

IMPORTANT! Schedule of Talks and Activities for Sixth Years When Not Attending Retreat to Lough Derg

The Sixth Year Retreat to Lough Derg has been divided into two Groups.  On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September 6B and 6T will be travelling to Lough Derg and on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th October 6G and 6M will be travelling to Lough Derg.   For the two days the girls are not travelling, our Career Guidance Councillor has organised various talks and activities, which should be of great benefit to the girls.   The Schedule of these activities is set out below.  

Sports Fixtures for Saturday

Sports Fixtures for Saturday 23rd September are as follows:

Senior 1 Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 9am (YMCA)
Senior 2 Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 10am (YMCA)
Senior 3 Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 11am (YMCA)

Junior B Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 9am (AWAY- Loreto Bray)
Minor B Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 10am (AWAY- Loreto Bray)
Minor C Hockey Friendly vs Bray @ 11am (AWAY- Loretto Bray)

Senior Basketball Training @ 10:30am (Sports Hall)
Cadette Basketball Training @ 11:30am (Sports Hall)
2nd Year Basketball Friendly 1 vs. Dalkey @ 12:30pm (HOME)
2nd Year Basketball Friendly 2 vs. Dalkey @ 1:30pm (HOME)

PA Talk “Empowering Our Daughters During Teenage Years” by Dr. Mary Ryan

PA Talk “Empowering Our Daughters During Teenage Years” by Dr. Mary Ryan

The Parents' Association Talk  "Empowering Our Daughters During The Teenage Years" by Dr Mary Ryan, Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist, Senior Lecturer in University of Limerick Medical School, will take place on Wednesday 27th of September at 7.30pm.

Dr Mary Ryan is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and specializes in Endocrinology and General Medicine.  She lectured in Pharmacology in the RCSI and has a special interest in Diabetes. 

She participated in the popular public health education programme on RTE called “How long will you live” for four years and has made regular contributions to radio and television shows over the course of her career, giving her expert views on Diabetes, Heart Disease and Endocrinology.   Her Hobbies include Singing and she trained with Dr Veronica Dunne. She produced two CDs entitled “Carpe Diem" and "The Next Chapter".

Saturday Sports Events

Hockey schedule for Saturday is as follows:

Friendlies @ St. Gerard's (Bray):

Minors A @ 9am
Juniors A @ 10am
Seniors 1 @ 11am

Training @ YMCA:

Seniors 2 & 3 @ 9am
Juniors B & C @ 10am
Minors B & C @ 11am

Basketball schedule for Saturday is as follows:

Seniors: 10:30-11:30am
Cadettes: 11:30-12:30pm
2nd Years: 12:30-1:30pm
1st Years: 1:30-2:30pm

TY Uisce Adventure Trip

TY Uisce Adventure Trip

At the very start of TY (the 28th of August 2017) we were given the opportunity to bond with our new classes and take part in water sports.  When the trip was first mentioned to us I laughed at the concept of extending our friendship circles and meeting new people because I felt I knew the whole year for the past three years. To my surprise I soon  realised how many people I really didn't  know that well in my year group.  So I decided, in the spirit of TY, to really throw myself into all the new experiences that came my way! Now after that cheesy introduction here’s what we got up to!

DAY 1: After a 5 hour bus journey filled with chats, songs and throwback tunes we arrived, in the wild west!  To me it was very familiar surroundings as I head down to Mayo every summer but to many of my classmates I think they were in a bit of culture shock. We arrived and headed to our rooms where we all began our most difficult challenge the day would offer, trying to find some good old 3G.  We then headed down for lunch and were divided up into groups. This was yet again another opportunity to have a bit of craic and mix with a new group of people.  We were then thrown into our activities and water sports.  My group was first up for canoeing, followed by some team building activities which consisted of building a cart. This was fairly straight forward for everyone except my group!  We managed to put all the bolts in the wrong places! We then had dinner followed by some chill time until the céilí began. The céilí was one of my favourite parts of the trip as everyone let loose and danced their socks off!  We then headed to bed which, as you can imagine, was filled with lively chats and lots of craic.

Day 2: We woke up at 7:30 sharp which definitely wasn't the highlight!  Then we went down to breakfast and headed out for the day. We did a very wide variety of sports and activities throughout the day.  This consisted of surfing, wind surfing, climbing and team building activities. These all posed different challenges that we had to overcome in groups, individually and there was something new for everyone. After dinner that evening we tried out Archery and the egg challenge.   For the egg challenge we had to work in groups to figure out a way of protecting our egg from breaking from a drop of 20 feet drop. Then exhausted, we headed up to bed.

Day 3: The last day of the trip was filled with another mixture of activities including pier jumping and shape construction. We were all a bit wrecked but made so many magical memories.  We headed back to Dublin and all stopped off to get some much needed Mc Donald's!

On behalf of fourth year we would all like to sincerely thank the Instructors and Ms. O'Reilly, Ms. Beatty and Ms.Crinion for all their enthusiasm to make this wonderful experience possible.

By Ellen McKimm. (4B)

TY Achill Adventure Trip

TY Achill Adventure Trip

On Monday the 28th of August, 4M and 4T left for Achill Outdoor Education Centre on Achill Island off the coast of County Mayo.  We made the journey there by bus and it took about five hours.  On the bus we were divided into rooms.  There were four other girls in my room.  We arrived around lunchtime and we gathered in a common room for a lunch of soup, salad and sandwiches. The instructors gave us groups and then we were told what activities we would be doing over the next three days. I was in group D with a mixture of girls from 4M and 4T.  Group D went out kayaking that afternoon with two instructors.  We had lots of fun and we got to jump into a bog.  That evening we went out for a long walk in the boggy mountains through lots of bushes and low hanging trees.  After lunch, my group went canoeing.  We swam in the lazy river and jumped off the banks.  That evening we took part in a “Selfie Hunt” which produced a good few strange pictures!

On Wednesday morning we were up bright and early to pack our bags.  After a satisfying breakfast we set off to the beach for surfing.  It was good fun.  A few girls managed to stand up and multi task by watching out for the jellyfish too!!  I loved surfing and hope to try it again in the future.

On the bus back to Dublin we played music, sang and chatted. The Achill trip was most definitely exhausting but it was well worth it.

A big thanks to Ms Moran, Ms Curtis and Mr McDonnell for accompanying us and a major thank you to Ms Crinion for organising the trip.

Tara O’Sullivan  ( 4T)