November House Event!

November House Event!

The November House Event took place on Friday 18th November.  The event was a cross curricular quiz.  It  was organised in conjunction with Geography Awareness week and Science week and took place in the Assembly Hall. Each class had one representative for their House.  It was competitive but great fun with the Tamarins winning in the end.

Thank you to both subject departments for organising the quiz and providing the winners with lovely vouchers and 50 house points.

Sport Fixtures for Saturday 3rd December


Cadette A v Foxrock    Venue: Foxrock    Time: 9am
Senior A v Foxrock      Venue: Foxrock     Time: 10am
Cadette B v Foxrock    Venue: Foxrock     Time: 11am
Senior B v Foxrock      Venue: Foxrock     Time: 12pm
1st Year Training          Venue: School      Time: 1.30pm


Senior A v High School     Venue: High School    Time: 9am
Senior B v High School     Venue: High School    Time: 11am
Junior B v Alex                    Venue: Alex                  Time: 11.30am
Minor B v Sion Hill             Venue: Sion Hill           Time: 9am
Junior A v Minor A             Venue: YMCA               Time: 9am
1st Year 2 v 1st Year 4      Venue :YMCA               Time: 10am
1st Year 1 v 1st Year 3      Venue: YMCA               Time: 11am

Science Week - Lecture by PhD Student for TY and some Senior Students

Science Week - Lecture by PhD Student for TY and some Senior Students

On the 21st of November, Johanna Vos, a PhD student, came in to speak to us about science in college and, more specifically, astrophysics. She gave us a wide range of career options both inside of science and outside. For example, with a science degree you can work in research or lab or go in the complete opposite direction and work in a business company such as Google or Spotify. She worked around the world, most often in the Atacama Desert in Chile and we discovered that a science degree is a great way to travel the world because every country has its own resources. She then went on to give us a brief overview of what an exoplanet is. An exoplanet is a planet that is either (a) orbiting another star in another galaxy or (b) floating along in space like a star. There are approximately 1 x  10 ^24  exoplanets in space. Her PhD is based on studying the weather of exoplanets, something that has never been done before. She discovered that an exoplanet (called PSO-318) has clouds. However they are not clouds made up of water vapour, instead they are made up of molten metal. This was an amazing achievement for her and we hope she continues her ground-breaking research.

Sport Fixtures for Saturday 19th November


Senior A v Gerards                               Venue: St. Gerards        Time:9am
Senior B v Foxrock                               Venue: Foxrock              Time: 10am
Junior B v Beaufort                              Venue: YMCA                Time: 9am
Training Junior A, C, D Teams        Venue: YMCA               Time: 10am
Training Minor A, B, C Teams         Venue: YMCA                Time: 11am
1st Year Group 1 V Foxrock              Venue: Foxrock             Time: 9am
1st Year Group 2 V Foxrock              Venue: Foxrock             Time: 10am



Cadette A v Beaufort                                      Venue: Beaufort        Time: 10.30am
1st Year Yellow v Holy Child Killiney      Venue: Killiney          Time: 10am
1st Year Red v Holy Child Killiney           Venue: Killiney          Time: 11am
Senior Training                                                Venue: School          Time: 10.30am
Cadette A Training                                          Venue: School          Time: 11.30am
2nd Year Training                                            Venue: School          Time: 12.30
1st Year Training                                              Venue: School          Time: 13.30

Biology & Science (Maternity Leave) Vacancy

At Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green we are looking for a Science & Biology Teacher (Maternity Leave) to join a very active and dynamic Science Department. Please download the application form and submit by 5:00pm Friday, 18th November.

If you have any queries please contact the school by phone (01)6618179 or by email

Sports Fixtures Saturday 12th November


Minor C v Andrews                        Time: 9am              Venue: YMCA
Minor A v High School                 Time: 10.15am       Venue: YMCA
Senior A v Holy Child Killiney   Time: 11.15am       Venue: YMCA


Senior Training @ 10.30am        Venue:   School
Cadette Training @ 11.30am      Venue:   School
2nd Year Training @ 12.30pm   Venue:  School
1st Year Training  @ 1.30pm       Venue:  School

Debating Update November 2016

Debating Update November 2016

It has been a very busy few months for those students who take part in Debating in Loreto College.  Juniors have taken part in the Colaiste na hInse Mace, the Loreto College Mace, the Irish round of the International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD), and the Leinster Junior Debating Competition in UCD.  Meanwhile our seniors have been taking part in the Irish round of the Cambridge Schools Debating Competition, the Concern Debating Competition, the Aoife Begley Debating Competition and the Leinster Schools Debating Competition.

Most of these competitions are in the early stages and we have had a lot of excellent results with students placing in the top two teams to secure progression to the next round.  We would like to especially congratulate Aoileann Ni Mhurchú, Tara O'Sullivan, Ellen McKimm and Adrianne Ward.  All four girls made the final of the Colaiste na hInse Mace with Aoileann winning an award for topping the tab and Tara winning the best speaker in the final award.  They also all made the final of the Irish round of the ICYD with Ellen and Adrianne winning the final and securing a place in the international finals day later in the year in Cambridge.

We would like to congratulate our new debating secretaries for the year.  Ciara Barry and Siofra Brady will be running our junior debating club debates every week.  Alex Byrne and Anna Bourguignon have been appointed to run mace debating for the year.  They have already shown what a good appointment that was as they organised an excellent competition last month.  They were ably assisted by numerous 5th year students (debaters and non-debaters) who helped them set up, organise and clean up throughout the entire Saturday.  The competition ran very smoothly because of all their hard work. 

School reopens Wednesday, 9th November

The ASTI has agreed to defer its directive on supervision and substitution and its strike action. School will operate as normal tomorrow, 9th November 2016.

Conor Doherty

Chairperson of the Board of Management.

ASTI Industrial Action - withdrawal from supervision and substitution duties

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Re: Withdrawal from supervision and substitution duties

As you are aware, the ASTI has directed its members to withdraw from supervision and substitution duties with effect from 7th November 2016.

The effect of the directive is that ASTI members, including most Principals and Deputy Principals, will not be available to carry out essential supervision duties before school commences in the morning, during break times, at lunchtime and at the end of the school day. In addition, ASTI members will not be available to substitute for colleagues absent on school business such as extra-curricular or co-curricular activities and for colleagues absent on uncertified sick leave.

Due to this action, the Board of Management will not be in a position to ensure the safety of the pupils in its care from that date. Health and Safety legislation, the in loco parentis principle and insurance requirements place a duty of care on school management to ensure the safety, health and welfare of pupils.

It is the position of the JMB, the management body for our school, and the Board of Management of this school that teachers are best placed to undertake these duties. The JMB has engaged with the Department of Education and Skills to put in place an alternative supervision and substitution arrangement as a contingency for the period of the industrial action. While the ASTI has indicated to the DES that it would not impede any contingency arrangement for supervision and substitution that would be put in place, it has not, however, given an undertaking that its members would fully co-operate with contingency arrangements. The ASTI has directed its members not to involve themselves in the rostering or management of supervisors employed for the purpose of a contingency arrangement, meaning that contingency arrangements cannot currently be implemented as the vast majority of Principals and staff are ASTI members.

Even if there were to be full co-operation by the ASTI with a contingency plan, the deadline of November 7th is unrealistic as it does not allow sufficient time to put supervisors in place. In the interests of the health, safety and welfare of the students in our school sufficient competent personnel would have to be recruited using a formal interview process. In the interests of child protection, the selected people would be vetted in compliance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016, and would need to participate in training and induction to prepare them for their roles. The likely timeframe for this process is not less than six weeks.

While the Board of Management wishes to keep the school open it is not, regrettably, possible to re-open the school after mid-term break until appropriate health and safety and child protection provisions can be established.

The Board of Management is assured by the JMB that it will continue to advocate for schools with the DES and the ASTI in pursuit of an early resolution of this industrial action. The Board will keep the situation under review and you will be notified as soon as feasible of relevant developments.


Yours faithfully,

Mr Conor Doherty

Board of Management

ASTI Strike Days

Agreed dates for ASTI strike action:

Thursday, October 27
Tuesday, November 8
Wednesday, November 16
Thursday, November 24
Tuesday, November 29
Tuesday, December 6
Wednesday, December 7

School Closure

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The Board of Management has been informed that ASTI members will withdraw from substitution and supervision duties from the 7th of November 2016.  The Board will not be in a position to discharge its responsibilities to the students in its care.  The Board has come to the decision, based on health and safety grounds, that it will be unable to reopen the school after the mid-term break.

The school will reopen if the dispute over supervision and substitution is settled. A text message will be sent to parents/guardians if there are any updates on the issue. I assure you that the current industrial relations situation does not in any way diminish the teachers’ dedication and commitment to the students in their care. The teachers in Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green work tirelessly for their students and will continue to do so when this dispute is resolved.


Yours faithfully,

Jackie Dempsey

Principal/Secretary the Borad of Management