Visit from Claire Lambe, Past Pupil and Member of 2016 Irish Olympic Rowing Team

On Tuesday 10th May the school had a visit from a member of the 2016 Irish Olympic Rowing Team, who also happens to be a past pupil of Loreto College. Claire Lambe from the class of 2007 took time out of her rowing training schedule at the National Rowing Centre (NRC) in Cork to come and talk to the current pupils of Loreto College.

Claire first started to row while in second year at Loreto College. She rowed for Commercial Rowing Club in Islandbridge, before moving to UCD Boat Club when she commenced college.  While in UCD Claire qualified for the Irish rowing team and realized that with hard work she could progress much further in rowing.  Claire gave us an insight into what it takes to become an Olympic athlete, her daily regime and training schedule, and her love for the sport.  For the past four years Claire has trained seven days a week at the NRC, with just one Sunday off every three weeks! 

Claire has made many sacrifices over the years to arrive at where she is today. In fact, in 2012 she came very close to joining the team for the London Olympics. However, her boat did not meet the weight requirement. This was obviously a huge disappointment and setback for Claire but she did not let it get her down - she decided then she would try again in 2016.

Hearing Claire’s story, I was struck by her strength of character, her dedication and hard work, and her refusal to give up even when faced with disappointment.

Claire is a wonderful role model for young women, and no doubt inspired many Loreto girls sitting in the Sports Hall that day.

By Christina Walsh – 5M

Sports Day 2016

Sports Day 2016

Congratulations to all students, teachers and parents who participated so enthusiastically in Sports Day on Sunday 15th May.
It was a glorious day and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Thank you to all the Parent Association representatives and staff for helping to make the day run so smoothly in Iveagh Gardens.

The Tamarins were overall winners with the most participants on the day. 


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Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016

Two teams from Loreto College St. Stephen’s Green qualified for the Grand Final of the Junk Kouture Fashion Competition this year. They were chosen from over 1,000 entries to compete in the 3 Arena on 14th April. A huge well done to Kate De Búrca (model), Julia Chartienitz and Andrea McEniff who created Electric Ombré and Oonagh Fleming, Ava Smith and Lucy Creedon (model) who created Angelic Ammunition.

Junk Kouture by Julia Chartienitz

The transition year craft class, with the directing of Ms. Fynes, separated into groups to enter the 2016 Junk Kouture competition. Each group designed a dress made of recyclable materials. We used the things around us such as elastic, cardboard, corks, wires, cigarettes filters and anything else we could find. Once you had your materials, it was easy to design the silhouette and patterns of the dress although a lot of the earlier plans were completely
different from the finished product. They were redrawn constantly and most of the dresses were changed on a whim halfway through. We placed the finishing touches and submitted our photos. Four out of seven groups achieved greatness and passed into the semi- finals.

The semi- finals, held in the Helix of UCD, was a massive production. We arrived early in the morning and cornered off part the changing room for our groups. The other groups in the room looked like they were going to be hard to beat. Their outfits were extravagant and complex, but our models performed phenomenally. Then at the end of the night the judges announced that two of our groups had made it through to the finals, “Angelic Ammunition” and “Electric Ombre”. They circled the stage while the audience cheered. We were very happy with ourselves and celebrated later with a pizza party!

It was easier to prepare for the finals this time since we knew what we needed to do from our semi-final experience. We also had so much help and support in school. The dresses that had qualified needed to be touched up. “Angelic Ammunition” even changed models and refit the dress. “Electric Ombre”, my group, repainted our shoes and had to devise a complex mechanism to allow our model Kate to wear the very heavy dress for several hours at a time. The finals were held in the 3 Arena. There were thousands of people watching us and we really felt that this was our moment and we were so happy to be there. There were games, booths and a silent disco before the contest started which was loads of fun!  We also had a lot of supporters who stood up and cheered when our dresses came out!  Neither of our groups won a prize, but everyone was lively backstage and we had made amazing friends. I loved the entire competition overall and would recommend it to all transition year students!

Junk Kouture by Oonagh Fleming

It’s nearly hard to put into words how much fun the Junk Kouture Grand Final day was! We arrived in school before eight to begin our elaborate hair and make up designs. We got a taxi to the 3 Arena at eleven o’clock and spent the day backstage.  We spent the first part of the day in a dressing room getting our model, Lucy, ready. I acted as a stylist and makeup artist for the day. As my design was being featured on TV we went to a ’press call’ where lots of TV stations and newspapers filmed us and asked us questions. It was so much fun and really exciting! Shortly after this we took part in a rehearsal so we would be familiar with the catwalk. Each design has one minute on the catwalk which is actually really short. We had practiced non-stop and really enjoyed the final practice before the show. Lucy was performing to a Kanye West song that we had edited especially for the show.

As we were putting our final touches to hair and makeup, and eating the pizza Junk Kouture had given us, we were asked to do an interview on 2fm radio! We were brought to the 2fm bus and were interviewed by Eoghan Mc Dermott from The Voice. We were a bit nervous but he asked us lots of great questions and we got a chance to talk about our school, our design and what we liked about Junk Kouture. It was great being on the radio and something we might not get a chance to do again.

Despite the fact we were in the 3 Arena all day it seemed like all of a sudden it was time for the show to begin. The models waited backstage and the two teams and Ms. Fynes took our seats in the audience. We were delighted to see so many of our school friends there to support us! The show was fantastic and I loved looking at everyone else’s creations. It was an unbelievable feeling seeing the outfit I had worked on for months on stage in such a famous venue! Junk Kouture was such a fantastic experience for so many reasons. We began the project with a few vague ideas and through a process of sketching, research and sampling we created an outfit we are so proud of. This afforded us the opportunity to perform in the Helix, the 3 Arena, appear on TV3 news and 2fm radio!  It also gave us an amazing insight into the world of design and the hard work, creativity and dedication that goes into a successful project. We are delighted we got the opportunity to take part in Junk Kouture and are so thankful that our school facilitated this brilliant project.

Sports Day Sunday 15th May!

Sports Day Sunday 15th May!

A reminder to all that Sports Day is taking place on Sunday 15th May from 2 - 4p.m. in the Iveagh Gardens.   Please get your House Colours ready for a fun day out for all the family.  If any parents would like to help out please contact Ms. Crinion.   

Sports Day is the last House Event for this school year.  Looking forward to seeing you all!  

Loreto College Junior Mace Debate

Loreto College Junior Mace Debate

On Saturday 16th of April, the school hosted our annual junior debating mace competition. This year, the competition was to encourage beginners to debate and therefore was directed at first and second years. The day was a great success with cooperation from all those involved in debating.

There were three rounds and a final. The standard of the final was excellent and our judges were Niamh Ryan, Aishling Kinsella and Mark Kelly. The motion was This House Would punish parents for the crimes of their children.  A team from Ratoath won the final and an individual from Presentation Brothers College Cork won the best speaker. A team from Loreto, Adrianne Ward and Ellen McKimm, also made it to the final and spoke brilliantly. They came first and second on the tab, meaning that they had the highest speaker points after all the debates. 

Overall, everyone really enjoyed the day and it was a great experience for those who had never debated before.

Maytime Music

Tuesday 10th May, 7p.m. Assembly Hall, Loreto College.


Tickets for Maytime Music will be on sale Wednesday 4th May and Thursday 5th May from 8am in Music 1

Tickets are €10 each and all proceeds from the concert will go directly to The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People.

Tickets are limited at 2 per family.