April House Event!

The April House event was an Inter House Poster Competition.
The standard was very high and each House worked on producing a poster relating to their House animal, colour and Sports day theme.

In the end the Macaws were the winning House gaining 50 House Points!

Well done to all who took part and to the Macaw team!!

Reminder that the last House event of the year is Sports day which takes place on Sunday 15th May from 2-4pm in Iveagh Gardens.
I look forward to seeing lots of parents and students there!!

Ms. Crinion

Loreto College wins the International Schools’ Mace

Loreto College wins the International Schools’ Mace

Every year, since 1957, the debating champions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland compete against each other to win the coveted International Schools’ Mace.   This year’s competition was held in London with Loreto College (Grace Given and Sarah Duffy) taking part as the Irish champions.  We were drawn against Wales in the semi-finals.  The motion was that “This House would oblige strict religious communities to facilitate each of their adolescents to spend a year outside of the rules and restrictions of that community (e.g the Rumspringa practice of the Amish)”.  After a good week of preparation, including an 8am mock debate with Aishling Kinsella and Niamh Ryan acting as Wales, the girls travelled to London in confident form.  As expected from a competition where everybody is a national champion the standard was incredibly high but the girls put in an excellent semi-final performance to defeat Wales and progress to the final.  In the final they were given the task of proposing the motion that “This House believes that everyone should give away all their money above the median wage”.  This time they would be taking on the English champions.    Once again Grace and Sarah did an amazing job as they gave us a multitude of well explained logical reasons why everybody should do this as well as analysing the benefits that would accrue to the individual and society as a whole as a result of this proposal.  The opposition did a good job of contesting this position and the debate was clearly going to be a tough one for the judges to call.  After a long wait, we were delighted to hear that Ireland had won the debate and claimed the International Schools’ Mace for Loreto College for the first time ever.  In fact an Irish team has only won this competition four times since its inauguration.  This is an amazing achievement by two extremely talented and hardworking young students who have put a huge amount of time and effort into debating during their time in Loreto College.  They were wonderful ambassadors for our school and their success was well deserved.  Congratulations girls.  We would also like to congratulate Clíodhna Ní Chéileachair and Aodhán Peelo from UCD on winning the John Smith Memorial Mace (the college equivalent of the Schools’ Mace). 

Junior Debating Success

Junior Debating Success

The final of the Leinster Junior Debating Competition took place last week in the debating chamber in UCD.  Sophie Bannon and Caoilainn Carey had progressed to the final after six rounds of debating spanning several months.  Over 100 teams had entered this competition and we were now down to the final four.  Once again the Loreto College team was in first proposition.  They faced a challenging motion in that they had to propose that “This House would compel Stark Industries to hand over the Iron Man technology to the government”.  Using their detailed knowledge of all things Marvel, the girls made an interesting case based on the principle of eminent domain.  The girls prepared very diligently all week for the final and as always delivered their speeches excellently.  We are delighted to announce that Sophie and Caoilainn were declared the winners. 

This means that for the first time ever Loreto College are the reigning Leinster Debating Champions at both Senior and Junior level.  This also rounds off an amazingly successful year of debating for Caoilainn and Sophie who won four junior mace debating competitions in addition to the Leinster Championship.  Well done girls.

Annual GPPA Evergreen Concert 2016

The 2016 Evergreen Concert, featuring performances by Green Past Pupils will take place on Friday, 22nd April at 8pm in the school Assembly Hall.

As usual, Caoimhe Ní Áinle has put together a wonderful line-up of artistes,  featuring a wide range of performances. Given that the actual centenary of the Easter Rising falls on that weekend, there’ll be more than a passing nod to the events of 1916. It promises to be a very special evening, and we hope you can attend.

Since the issue of homelessness is at crisis point, all proceeds will go towards supporting The Capuchin Day Centre in Church Street. Brother Kevin Crowley founded the Centre in 1969 to help relieve the hardship endured by homeless people and to help those in need. In February, Verdi 53, the past pupils and staff choir, lost one of its members, Karena Ramsay, and we will be donating the proceeds of the interval raffle to The Irish Cancer Society in memory of her.

Tickets are €20. To purchase tickets please click here (Note: tickets bought online cost €22, to cover Paypal charges.) A limited number of tickets will also be available, at the door, on the night.



Last Saturday the final of the All Ireland Schools Debating competition took place in the National University of Ireland, Galway.  Grace Given and Sarah Duffy were given the challenging task of speaking as the first proposition team on the motion that “This House regrets the valorisation of the 1916 Easter Rising”.  Grace opened the case for Loreto College with an insightful analysis of the problems that have occured in the last 100 years as a result of this valorisation.  Later on in the debate, Sarah gave a clear and articulate account of the flaws in the opposition case.  As expected, the standard was very high as the champions of the different provinces went head to head.  We are delighted to announce that Grace and Sarah won the debate and are now the All Ireland Champions.  This is a fantastic achievement by the girls and it is also due reward for the huge effort that both girls have put into debating since joining the school.  As a result of this victory they will travel to London on the 23rd of April to represent Ireland in the International Mace Finals Day in the English Speaking Union headquarters.  Congratulations and best of luck girls.

Carlingford P.E. Trip for Second Years!

Carlingford P.E. Trip for Second Years!

Enthusiasm was in plentiful supply on the two buses driving to Carlingford Adventure Centre last Wednesday the 6th of April. When we arrived we dropped our bags and a quick roll call was taken. The year was divided into small groups and we met our extremely engaging instructors. To warm up our excited yet cold bodies we played a fierce game of Knights, Maidens and Cavaliers. After this we broke off into smaller groups that had been previously arranged and many smiled as they were reunited with their friends outside their own class groups.  Led by our passionate instructors we underwent the days first activities in fine style. We began the day with team building exercises and it must be said, one could not accomplish these tedious tasks alone.  All the girls worked together tirelessly despite the truly eye watering, howling easterly winds.  During these difficult, yet fun, tasks we enjoyably learned how to communicate and how to problem solve as a team.

After our exhilarating morning, eagerness ran through our bodies for what awaited us in the early afternoon.  Although we were anticipating what lay ahead, we were all feeling ravenously hungry.  Due to this, our next stop was the adventure centres canteen. To our surprise, a delicious but healthy meal was awaiting our arrival.  After lunch we returned to the 'Skypark' and participated in an hour of intense training to prepare ourselves for the towering heights of the adventure centre's sky park course.  After an amazing few hours of completing obstacles in the air, we were all very tired and ready to return home.  On the bus journey home many sat exhausted, reflecting on the
wonderful school trip they will remember for years to come.

On behalf of all the second years, we would like to thank Ms Crinion for organising such an amazing trip and Mr Hobson, Mr Bain and Ms Kerr for accompanying us!

- Isabelle Aboud & Tess Loftus 2T

Maytime Music 2016 - Auditions

Maytime Music 2016 will take place on Tuesday 10th May at 7pm in the Assembly Hall. All class choirs will be performing in the concert. Any individual or group who wishes to audition for the concert should download an application form from the school website (here) and submit their application to the box outside the staff room before next Monday April 18th. Auditions will take place on Wednesday 20th April after school in the Assembly Hall.


MUN Report by Caitríona O’Sullivan

MUN Report by Caitríona O’Sullivan

On the 21st of March till the 24th we, a group of 21 from fourth and fifth years, took part in the St Andrew's International Model United Nations in the Royal Marine Hotel. We had been preparing for the MUN conference for about a month meeting at lunch and after school to discuss our committees and the question we had chosen within these committees. We were all allocated a country which we were going to be an ambassador of and then a committee which we would represent our country in. We were given a choice of questions from which we were to choose one. We each had to come up with a resolution for our question which we would then bring to MUN and merge it with other resolutions that other students from other schools in Ireland and around the world had written.

On the first day we had the opening ceremony which consisted of a few speeches and then we were let off for lunch. After lunch we were assigned our committee rooms where we were divided up into our questions. Everyone within their groups merged their resolutions with other countries that their own country agreed with. For example the USA and Russia would tend not to merge as their governments would usually have very different views on how a country should be governed but countries such as France would merge with Italy as they are known as allies. We spent a long time merging our resolutions, taking the best operative clauses from everyone's own resolution to make one comprehensive and detailed resolution. We all really enjoyed merging our resolutions as we all got to know lots of different students in the process. Our day finished at half four with everyone's resolution merged and written up.

Our day on the 22nd began at half eight when we went straight to our committee rooms where we began our debates on our resolutions. The debates consisted of the main submitter reading the beginning of the resolution and then taking any questions the rest of the 'floor' may have. The chairs, which were the people who governed the debate usually allowed for three questions. Then anyone who wishes can take the podium to speak about the resolution and can also submit amendments to alter or add a clause to the resolution to make further improvements. After a few speakers on the amendment the floor votes on whether they will pass the amendment or not. The debate then goes back into discussions on the resolution as a whole and more amendments can be submitted. After about an hour or so of debate the resolution is finally voted on to see if it has passed or not. This was repeated for a couple of resolutions and took up the whole day.

Wednesday consisted of more debates on the resolutions and the day finished with a fun hour with our chairs where we played a game of “Take Me Out” which was a lot of fun.

On the last day we arrived at half eight where we gathered for General Assembly. General Assembly was basically the same thing as the debating but just on a larger scale. They debated one resolution from each committee and then one resolution that the chairs had written taking a bit of each resolution on human rights which was mainly about the crisis of the Syrian refugee crisis. This went on for the most part of the day until we had our closing ceremony at four o'clock.

On Thursday evening we had our MUN disco in the hotel which was lots of fun and we all thoroughly really enjoyed it.
Overall we all had an amazing time at MUN. Although at first it seemed a bit daunting as most of us had never done anything like it before we really benefited from it. It was an experience that we will never forget and we all hope to take part in MUN again next year.

Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016

Junk Kouture 2016 by Anna Sanders & Kate Murray

As part of the Craft module in Transition Year, a number of students were given the opportunity to submit an entry to the Junk Kouture recycled fashion competition run by Bank of Ireland. We began by brainstorming ideas before deciding on the final design to work from. Over the following weeks, we gathered our recycled materials and began to bring these designs to life. From October until December, we worked tirelessly  having to stay behind in the Art Room at lunch times and both before and after school  trying to have our creations completed before the deadline. In addition to this, we had to research similar ideas to see if they would be of use to us, and gathered these images in a scrapbook so that we could refer to them.

Finally, the time had come to submit our designs, and Ms. Fynes organised a photo shoot for each of the models a week beforehand. The photos taken would be uploaded onto our own Junk Kouture account for the judges to see. Along with this element of the judging process, we had to write a short description of our outfit and what it was made from. We had to then select a short mp3 clip that would be played on stage for our performance in the event that we were chosen for the Eastern Semi Final. After extremely hard work, we completed our entries and waited in anticipation for an email to say whether we had gone through to the next stage.

Two weeks later, the news had arrived. We knew that not everyone would be selected, and there was some disappointment. However, four entries from our school had gone through to the Semi Final! They were ‘Nóinín’ by Anna Sanders and Kate Murray, ‘Diaphanous’ by Amber Mc Cann, Claire Whelan and Orla Sherlock, ‘Electric Ombre’ by Kate De Búrca, Julia Chartienitz and Andrea McEniff and ‘Angelic Ammunition’ by Oonagh Fleming, Ava Smith and Lucy Creedon. We were thrilled to have so many participating from Loreto on the Green, and quickly resumed working on our outfits to prepare the finishing touches for the catwalk. A past pupil of the school also came in to help us create a routine to perform on the night. This would count for part of our overall score from the judges. We worked until the final moment, and were relieved to have everything completed for the day.

At eleven o’clock on Monday, 7th March, everyone gathered on Hume Street with their outfits to get a mini bus to the Helix. The show was to start at seven pm and we had lots to do in between then!

When we first arrived at the Helix we had to go and register before we found out where our dressing room was and what time our performance was at. We got to our dressing room and quickly got to work on our hair and makeup for the performances. We really enjoyed meeting students from other schools and seeing their wonderful dresses and outfits.

At about two o’clock the groups started going down for a rehearsal to practice our routines and also to get us familiar with the stage. After the rehearsal we went back up to the dressing room to complete the finishing touches to our designs, hair and makeup.

As it neared 6 o’clock everyone had to vacate the dressing room apart from the models, as the audience was starting to arrive for the show. Backstage emotions were running high as everyone was very nervous but very excited! In no time the show was about to begin and we had to line up to get up on stage.

The nerves quickly wore off when you got onstage as the crowd was getting behind you and singing along to your song which helped make you feel a little more comfortable on stage.  After the performance we were hurried backstage to a miniature photoshoot where you got to show case your design one last time.

When the show was nearing the end, all of the models had to line up backstage ready to hear who got through to the final at the 3 Arena!!  Luckily, this year the school got two entries into the final; “Electric Ombre” and “Angelic Ammunition”. It has been a fantastic experience for all involved and we wish the best of luck to our two finalists. We would like to thank everyone who helped us take part in such a fantastic project!