January House Event - ZUMBA!

January House Event - ZUMBA!

The January House Event took place on Thursday the 21st of January. This month's event was Zumba! A fun and exciting way of letting loose and trying to keep up with the beat. It took place over in the sports hall and there was a great atmosphere with lots of people, even some of the teachers, taking part in the dances! The Macaws and Bees had the greatest turnout and won 50 house points each. Well done to all who took part so enthusiastically!!

Flora Piquet ( House Committee ) 

BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS

BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS

'We had a great week in the RDS with some excellent results at the awards. Claire Gregg won her category and won a special award, The RTE Award, which is given to the best project in the overall Social and Behavioural section. Jessica Commins came 2nd in her category.  Annie Madden was highly commended.  Anna Capra, Jessica McConkey and Síofra O'Mahoney had a great week and represented the school exceptionally well'.
Louise Kerr

Tara Ting and Aisling Griffin visited the Exhibition on the Friday as part of their role as Science Committee members. They wrote a most comprehensive report on all the projects and they describe the atmosphere brilliantly. This can be read by following the link below.

Student Enterprise Awards!

The school finals of the Student Enterprise Awards were held on Wednesday the 20th January. There were over 60 students involved with 19 different businesses competing. The students prepared stands and presentations and displayed great interviewing skills when they were put through their paces by the judges. Well done to all the students and in particular to our various winners. 

Hampers for the Rathmines Women’s Refuge Centre

Hampers for the Rathmines Women’s Refuge Centre

We had another incredible response this year to our annual Christmas Hamper Appeal for the Rathmines Women's Refuge.  All the classes showed incredible generosity and great thoughtfulness in choosing their gifts.  A big thank you to the 6th Year Committee for helping their classes and giving up so much of their free time to organise the hampers for transport.  Thanks also to the all the staff for their generosity in contributing to the the staff hamper and to those who kindly donated a full hamper.  Finally, thank you to the transport team of Sandra and Jamie who helped me deliver the hampers to Rathmines.  The staff and students generosity in giving to the Hampers has helped over 300 families, including over 70 children, giving them something special for Christmas.

House points were awarded to 1G, 1T, 2B, 2G, 3G, 3T, 5B, 5G,and 6T for exceptional hampers.


Carols By Candlelight - Fundraising for The Capuchin Day Centre

Carols By Candlelight - Fundraising for The Capuchin Day Centre

We were all treated to a very special evening in The Capuchin Church on Church Street for our annual Carols by Candlelight.  Months of hard work and practise by all the Music Department, Ceiliúr and Cuísle were more than evident with the quality of singing and music which all present thoroughly enjoyed.

The total money raised from all the Carol singing over the week was a staggering €5,600 which will be very much needed by Brother Kevin and all the Day Centre. The Centre was established in 1969 and has journeyed with people since the recession of the 1980s and through the recent recession since 2008.  Latest figures show 250 breakfasts each day are provided with 400 extra breakfasts on Wednesday.  The dinner service has increased and seldom are fewer than 480 meals provided each day with a couple of days in the week exceeding 500. The Centre also provides safe areas for children so that families can avail of the services of the Centre together.  As well as hot meals, the Centre provides medical services and clothing for homeless people.

The greatest challenge the Centre faces at the moment is the increased demand for food parcels, having risen from 1,000 in 2011 to 1,800 in 2015.

Thank you to everyone for contributing to the Centre and to the Music Department for all their hard work preparing for this wonderful evening of Christmas Carols.

December House Event!

December House Event!

The December House Event, the Talent Show, took place on 17th December.  It was organised by the 6th Year Talent Show Committee and was most impressive.  A lot of preparation was required by the 6th Years to provide this great afternoon of entertainment.  A big thank you to all the 6th years and in particular to the Talent Show Committee, Emma Horan, Aodhnait O'Brien, Eimear Dignam, Lauren Daly, Deirbhile Kearney and Ashling Ross who co-ordinated this memorable event.  Emma Horan recalls the afternoon: 

“All of our year groups put in a tremendous effort in organising entertaining performances and for all the judges it was very difficult to choose a winner. The winners were 4M, with 5B in second place and IB in third place.  This year's edition of the Talent Show showcased a wide variety of themes, ranging from animations, musicals, Christmas animals, the Noughties and of course the controversial theme of Rule Breaking by the 6th Years.  A highlight for many was the show-stopping performance of Sorry by Justin Bieber.  Thank you to the teachers who featured in our homemade videos and also in the Lip Sync Battle with the 6th Years.  The talent exhibited from both groups was immense.  A special thank you to Eimear Collins who skilfully compiled the videos, which were shown to rapturous applause, throughout the show.
The Talent Show is an integral part of School life in Stephen's Green and it is with heavy hearts that the 6th years say goodbye to their final edition of the show.  Many wonderful memories of Christmas in Loreto have been formed over the years and they will be treasured for years to come.”


December House Event Results:

Talent Show:                                                                  The Hamper Results:

1st:           4M       80 House Points                              1st:       1 G                                  40 House Points

2nd           5B       30 House Points                              2nd       3G                                  30 House Points

3rd            1B       20 House Points                              3rd        5B                                   20 House Points 

                                                                                          4th         1T/2B/2G/3T/5G/6T    10 House Points 


Well done to the following classes who won best puntuality for term two (November - December 2015):  1G/2G/3M/4B/5T and 6B


Total House Points:

Bees:              680

Gazelles:       435

Macaws:        530

Tamarins:      485