Grandparents’ Mass

Grandparents’ Mass

The 4B, 4M and 4T classes held their Grandparents' Mass this week. The grandparents had a wonderful time visiting the school and celebrating this special occasion with their granddaughters. Thanks to everyone who worked together to make this such a memorable occasion for all involved. A special thanks to Ms Travers, Ms McTaggart and our celebrant, Father Paddy Boyle.


Photographs for Yearbook - Change of Date

The taking of photographs for the Yearbook which was originally planned for Friday, 1 May has now been rescheduled to Wednesday/Thursday, 6/7 May.  This change of date is due to possible disruption caused by the planned bus strike on Friday.

Under 14 Camogie Shield Final

The Under 14 Camogie team have qualified for the final of the Dublin B Shield after recent hard fought victories over Loreto Beaufort (quarter final) and Maryfield (semi final).  The final against Mount Sackville will be played next Tuesday (5/5) at 11.00am in St Brigids GAA.  All support would be much appreciated.

Maytime Music Concert

Reservations for Maytime Music can be made from this Friday 1st May. Entry is limited to 2 per student.

Students who would like to reserve 1 or 2 places should write 1 or 2 beside their name on the sign-up sheet which will be on the Music noticeboard outside Music 2 from 10:15 on Friday morning. No tickets will be given once you have reserved a place.  When the capacity has been reached no more seats can be reserved so we encourage students to get there early!

Entry is free and we will be accepting donations to our charity of the year, The Capuchin Friary, on the evening of the concert. 

Gymnastics Trip to Lisburn 2015

Gymnastics Trip to Lisburn 2015

On the 28th March 2015, eighteen eager gymnasts accompanied by Ms. Vavasseur and Susan Carroll headed off to Lisburn. There was much excitement and laughter on the journey. The coach pulled up at Salto Gym and we were shown to our rooms. There were lots of amenities close by which we availed of during our stay. After a bite to eat we began our 3 ½ hours training session in Salto Gym. This is where the Chinese Olympic team trained for the 2012 London Olympics. It was such a privilege to train here and will encourage us to improve our gymnastics. The facilities were second to none with all the equipment imaginable. During the training session we were led in a 20 minute warm up and alternated between four components – bars, beam, vault and floor. This was followed by a conditioning circuit and a fun game of hide and seek!  We were tired out and after a meal we happily retired to bed. Waking up on Sunday morning was a treat as we watched the gymnasts training while we ate breakfast, not something you do every day! The bus collected us and we were on the road home again. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We would like to thank Sarah and Kelly for coaching us and Salto Gym for accommodating us and allowing us to use their facilities. We would also like to thank Ms. Vavasseur and Susan Carroll for organising the whole weekend. You only dream of being in the Olympics, but training in an Olympic gym was the next best thing!

Hannah Flood 3G, Sophie Doyle 3T and Sarah Doyle 3M

iPads are here to stay!

iPads are here to stay!

On Monday 25th August 2014 each new first year student arrived in Loreto on the Green with an iPad instead of a heavy school bag chock full of books.

How did they get on?

Here are some comments from the students

• “It's good for looking up things when you are studying or if you missed out on taking notes.  If you are at home you can just look up anything you need help with". 

• “I like it that you can have loads of different apps, like flash cards or mind maps and you can type up your stories on it.  This saves printing hard copies of everything”.

• “It's easier to communicate with our teachers”.

• “It's easier on our backs.  Everything is on the iPad"

• “I like it that if you are studying outside your house you don't have to carry many books when you are studying more than one subject”.

• “It's really handy to have messaging and email on the iPad in case you forget a piece of homework. It’s also handy to be able to get apps like PicCollage to help with our work”.

From the teachers

• “Along with addressing our primary concern of reducing the huge weight of junior students' school bags, the use of iPads has transformed teaching and learning in the school by putting new technology and engaging content into the hands of every student. We all know that students who are engaged in their learning perform better. iPads have allowed teachers to find many more ways of engaging students with a variety of learning styles in their classroom. Technology enables students to become independent learners and helps them to develop new critical thinking and organisational skills”.   Yseult Whitaker

•”There has never been a more exciting time to be engaged in the teaching and learning of languages! iPads allow us to be transported to the country of the target language in a matter of taps. The language is brought to life in a way that has enhanced the process of language acquisition like never before. In one light & portable device, we not only have a textbook, dictionary and encyclopaedia at our fingertips, but also a mobile language lab where students have the capability not just to hear the target language in use, but also to record themselves using it. Our students are now simultaneously acquiring the crucial skill of being able to be effective practitioners of another European language while being supported by technology every step of the way. iPads have revolutionised the way we teach and learn. The possibilities are simply endless.
Willkommen zur Revolution! Bienvenue à la révolution! Bienvenidos a la revolución!”                                 Jennifer Maverley

• “The use of iPads has been of enormous benefit to student learning in English this year. iPads allow students to access a huge variety of material online, including film and audio clips, blog posts and interactive websites. Students now produce their written work in digital formats and can safely and securely store their assignments in e-portfolios”. Ann-Marie Ryan

• “In P.E.  iPads proved very helpful by allowing the students to video their movement and evaluate performance through video analysis “.  Gill Crinion

The 2014/2015 year has seen the very successful rollout of iPad use to all first year students.  We are delighted with our decision to use iPads in the classroom and are excited to be moving into our second year in the 2015/2016 school year when all our first and second year students will use iPads instead of the traditional heavy text books.

And from a Parent
Our children are, I have read, the most transformative generation when it comes to the massive technological changes taking place. So, when “the Green” took the decision to replace traditional textbooks and introduce mobile learning via iPads for the 1st Years in September 2014, we as a family were fully supportive. From a personal perspective, the experience in using iPads to date has been largely positive. Below is just a flavour of the benefits we have experienced as well as how the iPads are being used by some of the first years:
Programmes are very user friendly with textbooks available with the ability to highlight and annotate. In Home Economics, photos/notes of work completed have been saved for future revision/study.
The system supports visual and interactive learning including ready access to information and replaying of instructional videos. In Religion, the recent lesson on the Stations of the Cross was conducted via the use of QR (quick response) bar codes where further information on each Station was provided directly onto the iPad.
The iPad facilitates the shift from being a passive to an active learner, enabling the girls to explore subject matter further and share information. In class, presentations have been streamed via Airplay from individual iPads and in Geography, ‘Kahoot’ quizzes have been projected onto the whiteboard with the girls using their individual iPads to select the answers.
Security is very well managed with a strict access regime/iPad use protocol in place and enforceable if necessary with the majority of text books on iPads, a reduction in the weight of the schoolbag has resulted (although this is debatable!)
It encourages the girls to be more responsible, including ensuring that the iPad is charged every evening and is taken care of.
Teachers are able to communicate with the girls electronically. In Maths, answers to diagnostic questions are all conducted on the iPads with results provided by the Teacher to each student by email. Through Showbie, Teachers also assign, collect and review assignments completed by the girls.
Concluding, interactive is the name of the game here and learning through iPads is enabling the girls to avail of and explore lots of ways to learn, including techniques which may be new to you and I as parents.

Emma Dignam, mother of Ciara Monks 1B   (Courtesy of Green Scene newsletter  May 2015)

Second Years P.E. Trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre

Second Years P.E. Trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre

On Tuesday 21st April, the Second Years went on their annual P.E. trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre.  We had an early start getting on the bus at 8.30 am.  We arrived to a warm welcome from our friendly and helpful instructors who were with us for the day.  We all trouped together to the sea to start our water activities.  Once we were ready with our helmets, lifejackets and wetsuits we went canoeing around the bay and took in the amazing views from the water.  A few girls fell in but due to the lovely weather it was all fun and games!

After packing away the canoes we headed to the harbour to go pier jumping. You could hear the shrieks and laughs in Dublin!

Having had a delicious lunch, we suited up in camouflage jumpsuits to play Laser Tag.  Our instructors led us on a trek through the forest to the action packed course.  They then handed us guns and we all felt very professional!  We split into Red & Blue Armies and our friends became our war enemies.  There was a lot of competition and shots fired but all in all, it was a great team building experience. 

At the end of a long but fantastic day, we climbed onto the bus and chatted all the way home about the fun filled time we had in Carlingford.

All the Second Years would like to say a huge “Thank You” to our Year Head Ms. Smith, Ms. Galligan, Mr. Quinn and Magda for accompanying us and of course also to Ms Crinion for organising this fabulous day which wouldn’t have been possible without her!

Virginia Tozer and Eva Thompson 2G

Book Club for First Years

The First Year Book Club met on 22 April and selected the following three books for reading:    

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne
Nine-year-old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust.  He is oblivious to the appalling cruelties being inflicted on the people of Europe by his country.  All he knows is that he has been moved from a comfortable home in Berlin to a house in a desolate area where there is nothing to do and no-one to play with.  Until he meets Shmuel, a boy who lives a strange parallel existence on the other side of the adjoining wire fence and who, like the other people there, wears a uniform of striped pyjamas. Bruno’s friendship with Shmuel will take him from innocence to revelation.  And in exploring what he is unwittingly a part of, he will inevitably become subsumed by the terrible process.

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
The Scorch Trials is the second book in “The Maze Runner” series.  It picks up where the Maze Runner left off.  The Gladers have escaped the Maze, but now they face an even more treacherous challenge on the open roads of a devastated planet.  And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.  Can Thomas survive in such a violent world?

Paper Towns by John Green
Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life–dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge–he follows.  After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues–and they’re for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew.

Please read at least one of these books before the next meeting of the Book Club on Wednesday, 13 May.  This will be the last meeting before the Summer holidays and refreshments will be served !


Junior Mace Debating

Junior Mace Debating

On Saturday 18th April the school hosted our annual Junior Debating Mace. It was a great success and we were delighted to see so many of our younger students taking part, with 24 students from 1st to 3rd year representing the Green, competing alongside teams from other schools in Dublin.

Over the day, all the debaters tackled three challenging topics; This House Would Pay Students for Good Grades, This House Would Ban Photoshopping in Advertising and This House Believes Violence in Movies, TV Shows, Computer Games and all Visual Media is Harmful to Society. At the end of the day the top four teams, Loreto Beaufort A, Loreto Beaufort B, Clonkeen College and Wesley College broke to the final where they debated the topic This House Believes Public Figures Have No Right to Privacy.

There was an incredibly high standard of debating throughout the day and in the final. Congratulations to Maeve Ní Bhraonain and Sarah Hickey from Loreto Beaufort B who won the overall team prize, with Maeve winning the best individual speaker too.

Thank you to Ms Barrett and Mr Fitzgerald for facilitating us having the Mace in the school and the brilliant team of 5th, 6th and 4th years who helped out with numerous jobs on the day such as judging, tabbing and setting up the rooms. Finally thank you to Mr Mulligan for all his help and advice with planning the Mace over the past few months.

We hope all participants had an enjoyable and educational day and will continue debating in the future.

Aishling Kinsella & Niamh Ryan

Junior Cert Home Economics Cookery Exams

Junior Cert Home Economics Cookery Exams

Three classes of Home Economics students completed their Food and Culinary Skills exam worth 35% of their Junior Certificate result over three days.  Nerves quickly turned to Loreto’s army of competent chefs producing dishes to a very high standard.  Starters, ethnic main course dishes, celebration cakes, muffins, scones, salads, smoothies and crumbles were the order of the day.  Great credit is due to the girls as it is very tasking to cook under the watchful eye of the examiner under exams conditions.  Congratulations to all those involved.
Ms Mc Caul
Mrs A S Kavanagh