U15 Camogie Dublin Champions

U15 Camogie Dublin Champions

Well done to Carolyn McCarthy, Leah O'Reilly and Mikaela Griffin who were part of the St Brigid's team who won the Dublin Under15 Division 2 Camogie Championship last week.  

House Points - Term One Update

House Points - Term One Update

Well done to all students who won House Points this term.  Points for best attendance were awarded to 1G/2T/3G/4G/5M and 6M.

There were some fantastic homemade Halloween costumes which showed great imagination.  The judges had a very difficult job selecting the winners of the Halloween Fancy Dress but in the end, the following girls were victorious:  1st place Niamh Ryan 5B, 2nd Constanza Meade 1M and 3rd place Corinne Henry-Bezy 6G.

The October House Event was the teachers v. students Basketball match on Monday 20 October.    Thanks to all the players and supporters.    It was a very close contest  but the teachers won this year !!

Term One:  House Points Totals

Bees:           440

Gazelles:    440

Macaws:     455

Tamarins:   455

Well done to the Macaws and Tamarins who are both in the lead!!

Freshers Week

Freshers Week is an annual event that encourages students to get involved in school life. There are many fun events and opportunities for students to sign up to all the clubs and sports on offer on The Green.
This year we kick started the fun filled week with a House Day. This day was held to promote the brilliant House System that is set up here on the Green. On Monday morning, students received a band to wear on their wrist in the colour of their house and a splash of face paint to match upon arrival at the school. The Bees sported the colour blue, while the Gazelles wore green, the Macaws magenta and the Tamarins tangerine.
During lunch time, we held a fun basketball match between students and teachers. There was one representative from each class taking part and they played in teams representing their houses. The poor teachers soldiered on through the full four quarters while the girls team was rotated so that every house got a chance to represent in one quarter of the game! However before anyone starts feeling too bad, the teachers did have the school basketball coach, Ms. Woods, on their team who scored more than the rest of their team combined. The student talent was more widespread with girls all the way from 1st to 6th year playing well and giving the teachers a run for their money. They also had the added advantage of some tremendous school support as many students came out to watch. In the end the teachers scraped the win despite the scoreboard (managed by students) saying otherwise. Despite the unfortunate result it was a very enjoyable day for all and I think everyone is looking forward to a rematch.
As the week progressed and Tuesday arrived, members of the sixth year student body set up stalls in the Assembly Hall at lunch time in order to show the other years the wide variety of clubs and societies on offer at the school. There were stalls for each sport and each society, from Swimming and Hockey to Debating and The Green Committee. With the help of some tasty treats at the stalls and a little bit of persuasion, many of the younger students signed up for new activities and said they’d try their hand at something new.
With Halloween approaching, on the Friday before the Midterm, each student on The Green sported their best, scariest homemade Halloween costume for our annual Halloween dress up day. The classes continued as normal even with the classrooms now being filled by zombies, ghosts and ghouls instead of the wine uniforms. During lunch, after a super lunchtime concert, the winners of the dress up day were announced. Each winner was awarded house points for their brilliant efforts.
Overall Freshers Week was a huge success.
Gillian Fitzgibbon 6G
Aisling Stokes 6T