House System Update -  24th January 2014

Congratulations all houses have added to their points from the last update.  Macaw House is still in the lead.

Bees              -              562 points

Gazelles       -              602 points

Macaws        -              735 points

Tamarins     -               658 points

Well done girls

Mary Ward Week

To mark Mary Ward Week,  members of “Mission Possible” will be distributing strands of wool – a different colour for each day – outside the Assembly Hall.   Each colour represents one of the following:  freedom, justice, sincerity, truth and joy.   All are invited to collect the full set – to tie in the hair or wear around the wrist – and any spare change donated will be gratefully received and sent to Loreto Rumbek in South Sudan.


Well done to the Senior B Basketball team who played a fantastic semi-final against Loreto Bray on 18 January.   Unfortunately they lost by just 5 points.   Congratulations to Sarah Quinn and Ciara Barry on their outstanding shooting and to the whole team who performed very well.

French Debating

Congratulations to the French debating team on their victory over Mount Anville in the quarter finals on 17 January.   The team comprised Ellen Kelly (Captain), Jessica Fitzpatrick, Tillie Keogh and Anna Rose Fullen (who won “best speaker” on the night).
Special congratulations to Ellen Kelly for making it to the National French Debating team who are going to debate in January 2015 against French students.

Great Weekend of Debating

Great Weekend of Debating

It was a great weekend of debating for students of Loreto College, St Stephen's Green. 

Junior Debaters were busy competing in the St Conleth's Junior Mace.  All our teams competed excellently and we are pleased to announce that Grace Given and Sarah Duffy emerged victorious.  Well done girls.

Meanwhile, the Phil Speaks debating competition was taking place in Trinity College for senior cycle students. Like their junior counterparts, all our students competed well and we were delighted to see that two teams from our school (Ella McLoughlin and Aishling Kinsella, Niamh Ryan and Saoirse Kilgarriff) were amoung the eight teams that progressed to the semi finals where they were awarded medals for their achievement.  The success didn't end there as Niamh and Saoirse managed to progress to the final where they gave excellent speeches in opposition to the motion "That this house would live forever".  We are pleased to announce that the girls won the final and so emerged as Phil Speaks champions.  Well done to all our debaters on a fantastic weekend for debating in Loreto College.

House System - Update January 2014

Christmas Hampers Results
Winners:   1G                   20 points
Second:     1T/2M/3M      15 points
Third:         2G/5B            10 points

Punctuality Results
Term 1:  September-October 2013
10 points per team for the best punctuality in each year group:
1T 2G 3T 4T 5M 6T
Term 2:  November-December 2013
1T 2M 3T 4T 5M 6T

Presently:    Bees                      542 points
                        Gazelles               592 points
                        Macaws                685 points
                        Tamarins             628 points

Macaw House is in the lead.   Keep up the great House spirit girls.

Junior Book Club

The next meeting of the Junior Book Club (open to all First and Second Years) will take place in the Library at 12.50p.m. on Wednesday 22nd January.

The books for discussion are:

The Book Thief                            by Markus Zusak,

Divergent                                      by Veronica Roth

Children on the Oregan Trail   by  A. Rutgers Van der Loeff

Chalkline                                       by Jane Mitchell

All First and Second years are welcome to come along and get involved, even if you have not read the books.


3M CSPE Junior Cert. Action Project on Human Rights

3M CSPE Junior Cert. Action Project on Human Rights

For our 3M CSPE action project, a project that we must complete for our Junior Cert as a class, we wanted to raise awareness about human rights abuses around the world and the protection of human rights.

We invited a speaker, Frank Geary from the Irish Development Education Organisation to give a talk on human rights abuses and how to take action. All 3rd year classes were invited and this took place on Human Rights Day December 10th. We learnt about specific cases of human rights abuses and different organisations who stand up and protect human rights such as PEN International who stand up for writers and authors whose rights are being abused. We learnt how to take action and how to ‘be the change’ by visiting sites such as and writing letters to TDs about issues that concern us. The themes of freedom, equality, dignity and justice were very fitting as it was also Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Day.

The whole speech revolved around how taking small actions can contribute to a greater seemingly impossible change and can be summed up with a Nelson Mandela quote that was used during the speech. ’It always seems impossible until it’s done’.