Found - Car and House Keys

Following the Maytime Music Concert on Monday 13th May,  a set of car and house keys was found in the school.  

Please contact Teresa at Reception if you think they may belong to you.

Art Collaboration with the RHA

Art Collaboration with the RHA

This April Loreto College,  St.Stephen's Green collaborated on an exciting project with the Royal Hibernian Academy. The RHA is located on Ely Place and makes a significant contribution to Irish arts. The recent exhibition Skin: An Artistic Atlas was the focus of the project. This project catered for 5th year students and complemented both their practical work and Art History course.

The workshop consisted of a guided visit of the exhibition, a life drawing workshop and a visit to our school by Mary Kelly, an exhibiting artist. The guided visit of the exhibition was facilitated by Sarah Dunne O'Connell and students observed work by artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Cara Philips, Robert Ballagh, Gwen Hardi and Mary Kelly.

The life drawing workshop took place on the morning of Saturday 13th April in the RHA artist studios. Students had a chance to draw two models in a series of poses. This workshop expanded students’  knowledge of life drawing and presented an opportunity to try new techniques and approaches to drawing the figure. It was a valuable educational experience for all involved.

The final part of the project took the form of a question and answer session with Mary Kelly. Mary Kelly discussed her life and work with the students and described her perspective on what it is to be an artist.

We would like to thank the RHA, Sarah Dunne O'Connell and Mary Kelly for facilitating such an interesting and enriching project.

Science Gallery Transition Year Course

Science Gallery Transition Year Course

A number of Transition Year Students attended a five week science course in the Science Gallery.  This is a meeting of second and third level students together with industry and they have been involved in some very exciting projects.
Zara Khan has written the blog below about  the first four weeks of the course.  Week four which was her favourite involved the dissection of a Bobtail Squid (see attached photo).

Week 1

This was our first week at the Science Gallery Transition Year Course and we weren’t sure what to expect!  This session acted as an introductory lecture where we met our teachers, Jane and Conor.  We were told what participation in this course would entail with regards to the topics we would cover and our aims for the end of the placement. After briefly learning about Synthetic Biology we were encouraged to come up with our own ideas of how we could use practical applications of Synthetic Biology in our everyday lives, before compiling our ideas on a brainstorm board. We were told that we would break into groups at a later stage; depending on which development we were intrigued by, and innovate a prototype, as well as presenting a project on our chosen area. Overall, after this first experience, I was really looking forward to what the next week would hold!

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First Year Book Club

The last meeting of the year took place (with refreshments!) on Wednesday, 15 May.   The books discussed were Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafón,  Chalkline by Jane Mitchell,  Across the Barricades by Joan Lingard and Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy.   All the girls are looking forward to a Second Year Book Club next year and chose six books to read during the Summer break.   The books are
• Spirit of the Titanic by Nicola Pierce
• Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
• 17 Martin Street by Marilyn Taylor
• Throwaway Daughter by Ting-Xing Ye
• White Lies by Mark O’Sullivan
• Invisible by Cecily Anne Paterson

New members are always welcome.

Human Rights Week

Human Rights Week

Throughout the year the school promotes freedom, justice, sincerity and joy and to complement this, Monday 29th April this year saw the JPIC and Amnesty groups hosting a Human Rights Week. In the lead up, the JPIC members visited an Anti Apartheid Exhibition and Amnesty attended a Human Rights Workshop. The week included guest speakers (including past pupil Cathy McAndrew) from SUAS and Concern, letter writing and petition signing and a whole school interactive activity where students experienced the inequality in education. A debate was hotly contested between Mr Mulligan and the 6th year debating team on female quotas in government and some 4th year students had a go at teaching 1st and 2nd years about the work of JPIC and Amnesty.

TY Spikeball 2013

TY Spikeball 2013

From January until March 2013, 11 girls in fourth year took part in a Spikeball Programme run by the Volleyball Association of Ireland. The Programme involved two training sessions with a qualified Spikeball Coach prior to us coaching in the schools. The first session was after school and the second one was a full day during school.

We were split up into our coaching groups and assigned to our classes. Sarah, Catherine and I were assigned to Scoil Chaitríona located on Lower Baggot Street and the two other coaching groups of four were assigned to coach 6th class in Loreto College Junior School and 1M in Loreto College Senior School.

We all had a coaching plan which we followed over the six weeks. The plan outlined the basic skills used in Spikeball and a new skill was taught each week and reinforced in game situations in the weeks after. During a session we did warm ups with fun running games, stretches and ball skills before playing a quick game to recap on the skills we learnt in the previous weeks. A coach then observed the students and picked a focus point to work on with them and improve. The skill was then put into a game situation where the pupils could practice and start to feel comfortable with using it in a game situation. This was the basic format for a Spikeball session.

On the 20th of March 2013 a Blitz was held in the sports hall in Loreto College. This was at the end of the six weeks of coaching. All classes who participated in the Spikeball course played in this tournament. The pupils made posters for the Blitz. The afternoon was very enjoyable for all involved. We thoroughly enjoyed it. All the pupils played superbly in the Blitz and had a great afternoon playing Spikeball. The Spikeball Programme is a fantastic programme to be involved in and we are all very grateful to Ms. Crinion for organising it!

By Caoimhe Daly 4T

East Leinster Athletics Tournament Results

East Leinster Athletics Tournament Results

Wednesday 1st May
Inter 100m – Orla Comerford –  (1st), Ciara Barry – (3rd)
Inter 3,000m - Aoife O’Rielly
Open 4x400m – (2nd)

Thursday 2nd May
Inter 80m hurdles - Ciara Barry (2nd)
Inter 1,500 steeplechase - Regan Mc Glynn - (2nd)
Junior 200m - Sarah Torrans - (1st)
Minor 500m - Amanda Gallagher - (2nd)
Junior 1,500 - Eliza Ní Thighearnaigh - (6th)
Inter 1,500 - Regan Mc Glynn (2nd) & Aoife O'Reilly (4th)
Senior 200m - Sophie Masterson - (5th)
Junior relay - (3rd)
Inter - (3rd)
Junior high jump - Orla Barry - (2nd)
Senior high jump - Kate Parker - (2nd)
Senior shot putt - Catherine Martin - (3rd)

The following girls qualified for Leinster Competition
Ciara Barry - inter 80m hurdles
Orla Comerford – inter 100m
Aoife O’Reilly – 3,000m
Regan Mc Glynn - inter 1500m steeplechase & 1500m
Sarah Torrans - junior 200m
Amanda Gallagher - minor 500m
Orla Barry - junior high jump
Kate Parker - senior high jump
Catherine Martin - senior shot putt

Best of luck girls!


Well done to the 2nd Year C and 1st Year C basketball teams who competed so well in the Loreto Final on 2 May and congratulations to 1st Year C who beat Beaufort by 4 points.

East Leinster Athletics Tournament

Well done to all the athletes who competed excellently in the East Leinsters on 1 & 2 May.  Congratulations to Regan McGlynn, Ciara Barry, Sarah Torrans, Amanda Gallagher, Orla Barry, Orla Comerford, Kate Parker and Catherine Martin who will be competing in the Leinsters.  Best of luck, girls!

Fourth Year Trip to Aviva Stadium

Fourth Year Trip to Aviva Stadium

On Friday the 26th of April we met Ms. Crinion in the Assembly Hall during the first period after break. We gathered our coats and belongings and headed to the
Dart station and took the Dart to Lansdowne Road.

Upon arrival at the impressive Aviva Stadium, we gathered in the reception and met our tour guide, Dara. From there he brought us through the service tunnels and into the media centre. He talked us through the basic routine that the press go through before and during a match.  Then we went into the conference room to watch a video about the development of Lansdowne Road. After that we were shown the players’ entrance and the dressing room. It was interesting to see that each player had their own individual unit.  We also saw the jacuzzi and ice bath area.

We then walked out onto the pitch, and as we did a brief sound of the cheering crowd was heard and you could feel the overwhelming atmosphere of a match, even
in the empty stadium. The sun illuminated the stadium and it really showed how impressive the stands are. After taking in the vast sight of the stadium we took
a group photo in the players’ seating area. The tour guide explained to us that it takes four hours to cut the grass on the pitch.

We were taken to the top of the stadium to get a better view of the Aviva. Fromthere we could see not only the towering stands but also, we got a great view of
the South Dublin area.

A great and worthwhile experience was had by all. For some of us it was our first time in the Aviva and it was a brilliant first experience. Hopefully the
Transition Years next year will get an opportunity as valuable as this.

Orla & Corinne, 4T