March House Event- Easter Egg Hunt.

March House Event- Easter Egg Hunt.

Congratulations to the Bee House who won the Easter Egg Hunt.

All House Teams enjoyed running around with their new House Mascots searching for fun mini chocolate eggs which were scattered around the grounds.  It was a great start to the Easter break.
Sorcha McCahill- House Committee (6T)

2nd Year Carlingford P.E. Trip

2nd Year Carlingford P.E. Trip

On Tuesday 10th April, all 2nd Year students spent an exciting day at Carlingford Adventure Centre.

The bus journey down was spent singing along to pop songs and talking about our Easter holidays. When we arrived at Carlingford, the excitement only increased when we saw zip lines stretching across the countryside mountains.  We were then split into groups, giving us a chance to talk to students in different classes.  We separated into various activities.  Some went Zip Lining in the mountains, others went to the Crystal Maze and the third group participated in team building exercises.

After a hot meal, the groups switched activities in the afternoon, giving others a chance to brave the ‘Water Pump’, a team building exercise which included the entire team attempting to get across a muddy swamp using logs and wooden planks. The unlucky few  who lost their balance fell in or in one case a brave student volunteered to be put in a barrel and rolled across the make shift pathway!!  This was the highlight of the trip for her group as she managed to successfully complete the team task!!

After a fun filled day, where many hills were hiked and lots of tasks completed, everyone was ready to sleep on the homeward journey back to Dublin. The entire year group really enjoyed their day out and have lots of great memories to treasure and laugh at.

A huge thank you to Ms.Crinion for organising the day and to Ms. Barrett, Ms. Travers, Ms. O’Neill, Ms. Rowan and Ms. Mc Andrew for accompanying us.

By Lara Culleton, Genevieve Holmes and Meadhbh Mc Daid (2B)

Maytime Music - Tuesday 1st May at 7pm

Maytime Music will be held on Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 7pm in the Assembly Hall, Loreto College.

Tickets for Maytime Music will be on sale on Monday 23rd April at 8am in Music 2.  Tickets are €10 each and all proceeds go to The Capuchin Day Centre.  Maximum two tickets per family.  The concert will also be streamed live on the night via the web.

Professor Jim Lucey’s Presentation from PA Talk

The Parents Association was delighted to welcome Professor Jim Lucey to talk to parents on Tuesday 13 March on the topic of Building Confidence and Resilience in our Teenagers.  Prof Lucey gave a very engaging and informative talk and was extremely generous with his time and expertise.  He referred us to numerous sources of information on the status of mental health in Ireland and directed us to some tools for improving our own and our children’s mental health. The material referenced can all be found in the slides below. The main take away for parents was the importance of wellness and the fact that without mental health there is no health.  The undoubted highlight of the evening was when Professor Lucey extolled the (scientifically proven) benefits of singing for good mental health and had all assembled singing “Ireland’s Call” in full voice, probably a first for the Assembly Hall!

Principal’s Report for PA Meeting on 6th March 2018

• Mock Exams finished on 9th February.  Students have received some of their exams.  They should be all returned by early next week.
• 9/2/18 - Access Reading Test took place for all 1st Years.
• 9/2/18 - 5th Year Spanish class visited the Instituto Cervantes for a cultural visit.
• 5th-9th February - The Lockers Programme took place for 2nd Years under the charge of Ms Kelly.
• Kolkata group returned on Thursday 15th February and all involved had a brilliant experience.
• The TY Italy trip took place from 9th Feb -12th Feb and was a great success.
• 19th February - U18 3 by 3 Basketball Competition took place in Limerick.
• 21/2/18 - Leinster Cross Country took place in Santry.
• 21/2/18 - Green School Audit took place and we’re awaiting confirmation.
• 1st Year Art class (Ms O’Reilly’s) are working with the RHA Gallery on an Art Project.
• 22/2/18 - 2nd Year  PTM.
• DVD Photos of 6th Years-23/2/18 - Tom will take remaining groups.  Dates tbc due to snow.
• 26/2/18 - 1st Year Parents 2018 Information Evening.
• Condolences to Ms. Maverley and all her family on the death of her father Tony-23/3/18.
• 27/2/18 - ARUP Engineering Visit by 3 Fifth Years.
• TY Activities - Fire Safety/Mindfulness/Song School.
• 28/2/18-2/3/18 - School closed due to Snow.
• J.Cert Orals are continuing in Irish, German, Spanish and French.  Rearrangements have been made for those who missed their oral due to snow.
• L.Cert Mock Orals are currently being conducted in all languages.

Well done to the 2nd years who competed in the regional finals of the Dublin City Student Enterprise Awards in Croke Park today Tuesday the 6th March.  Congratulations to Slickfix who won the Intermediate  Category and will go on to represent Dublin in the Nationals.

Best of luck also to our 3rd year team of Aoife O’Flynn, Katrina Khodzinska, Eva Hayes and Anna Capri, who are competing in the BSTAI Business Quiz in UCD this evening (6th March).

2nd Year Study Skills. - 2B-16/4/18,  2G-18/4/18,  2M-10/4/18,  2T-11/4/18.