Business Enterprise at Loreto College

The students of Loreto College are afforded an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills through programmes such as the ’Student Enterprise Awards’ and the ‘Get Up & Go’ Mini Company initiative.

Annually more than sixty students engage in this practical, real life experience of setting up and running their own business. The aim of this project is to encourage the girls to consider self-employment as a viable career choice in the future.

The Business Teachers work in partnership with the Parents Association to organise Market Days in the school, and encourage mentoring through Entrepreneur visits.

Step into Marketing

The Business department also facilitates fourth year students who wish to avail of the “STEP into Marketing” course offered by the Institute of Marketing. This is an activity-based, self-directed e-learning programme which exposes the students to the exciting world of marketing. Students learn to analyse and understand their environment, their buying decisions and the nature of business.

The programme has a strong entrepreneurial bias and encourages students to think up their own business ideas.