The Library

The Library/Resource Centre is located on the Science corridor and is easily accessible to the whole school community.   It is a lively place and a comfortable environment to work, read or browse the latest books, magazines or newspapers.

The Library has always been one of my favourite places in the school not only because I love to read. Ever since first year, I have discovered new favourite books on its shelves. It is also at the very heart of the school!  During the school day the library is a hum of activity, with girls coming in to work on projects, to choose books together or to do homework together. Ever since TY I have been 1 hour a week in the library working for my Gaisce Bronze and Silver Awards. It is one of my favourite activities and I have learned new skills such as cataloguing! 

Jessica Commins, 5th Year

The aims of the Library are to support the curriculum and to promote and encourage reading for pleasure.   We provide access to traditional and electronic resources to ensure that the Library is well equipped to meet the ever-changing needs of students and teachers.

Currently the Library holds approximately 8,000 items including fiction, reference, CDs and DVDs as well as periodicals, journals and daily newspapers.   The main book stock is divided into Fiction, Information and Reference.  The Fiction section includes the classics as well as contemporary works and caters for younger and older teenagers as well as adult readers.   The Information section covering a wide range of subjects – curricular and extra-curricular – is organised using the Dewey Decimal Classification System (the system used in the public libraries).   The Reference section includes dictionaries, atlases, encyclopaedias, year books and directories. The school is committed to updating our stock on a regular basis and our fund-raising Bookstall, held on the evening of the First Year Parent/Teacher meeting - when we invite parents of First Year students to donate a book to the Library – is a very welcome addition to this.

First Year students have an introductory visit to the Library during their first week in the school, when library cards are issued to them and they learn how the library is organised and how to search for information.  We use the Oliver library management software for cataloguing and lending. It also has an enquiry module and all students can search the catalogue to find what we have on their favourite author or subject.   There is internet access in the Library/Resource Centre and students can work on projects and do research using all resources available to them.   The Library is open until 4.30pm and student lunchtimes are always very busy.

Programme of Events

We have an annual programme of events to promote reading and a love of books.   We run competitions throughout the year e.g. at Halloween and Christmas and to mark World Book Day in March.   These include quizzes, crosswords, short story or poetry competitions and book reviews.   We encourage participation in the ReadaThon and arrange author visits to the Library.  

BookClubs/Book Boxes

Book Clubs are run monthly for First and Second Years.  In addition to these there is a BOOK BOX outside various classrooms throughout the school.  These have a selection of 25 attractive books so that whenever there is a free moment students can dip in and enjoy a good read.

Ella Doran & Grainne Madden
November 2016